A Closet Cleanse + Organization session will help you quickly and efficiently clean out and organize an overflowing or messy closet. 

You will have professional guidance to walk you through the process of getting rid of clothes that are outdated, worn, fit poorly, or that just don't work with your lifestyle or style preferences. Together we'll tackle letting go of clothes that no longer serve you, are just taking up space, or that have emotional ties.

You'll finish the session with an organized closet full of clothes you actually like and will wear (because you can now see them!). You'll spend less time and stress deciding what to wear every day because you'll have created a streamlined wardrobe that works with you, not against you.

Your session includes:

  • Up to three hours of an intense cleaning and organizing session.
  • Customized Mini-Wardrobe Action Plan that will itemize specific items you need to round out your newly streamlined wardrobe and keep your closet organized.
  • Removal of all unwanted items which will be donated to local charities; itemized tax receipt included.