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Who is this for

This program is designed specifically for aspiring personal stylists and and current personal stylists who have styling skills and are looking to push their businesses forward but feel stuck and don’t know what business paths to take or strategies to enact.


  • One-on-one personalized business coaching in your field of personal styling via online video or phone call.
  • Mentoring and coaching with a person who “has been there, done that” and who can help you work through little and big problems that are specific to your career area, provide you with info you never knew you needed, and suggestions to avoid common mistakes.
  • Specific information and feedback regarding social media, marketing, client retention and acquisition, pricing, and how to take your business from a hobby to full-time.
  • Homework assignments designed to help you move your business forward.
  • Accountability and support over the duration of the program.
  • First dibs on services and products as they are introduced
  • Lifetime access to future developed resources, e-books and more!


  • 1 hour, one-on-one personalized coaching + strategy sessions that take place on Thursdays of each week
  • Big picture goal planning
  • Homework assignments + specific action steps customized to your business and geographical area
  • Meeting recaps after each session
  • Unlimited email access for the duration of your program

Sample Topics

  • Business 101 - What Do You Need to Run a Business?
  • Financial Ship Shape
  • Website / Social Media Audit
  • How to Create an Engaging Website
  • Client Pain Points - Loose the Fashion Jargon and Speak to Your Clients’ Needs
  • Review of Current Services + Programs Offered
  • How to Add Value for Your Clients - Program + Service Development
  • Reaching New Clients and Cultivating Existing Clients
  • Pricing Structure - Are You Charging Your Worth?
  • Talking Challenges + Solutions
  • Marketing Your Business - How to Make “Selling” Yourself Easy
  • Blogging + Social Media for Personal Stylists
  • How to Take Your Business Full-Time
  • Newsletters - Are You Using Yours Effectively?
  • How to Create Varied Income Streams

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