Chic Stripes services are for the woman who lacks a defined sense of personal style

and wants to create a sustainable + timeless and cohesive wardrobe

that looks, and feels, like her.


There are two service options for new clients:

Style Camp (formerly 6 Weeks to Signature Style)

This is a 6-week guided virtual retreat to help you find, hone or reset your personal style. You get 12 easy to watch, pre-recorded video lessons, worksheets, hands-on exercises, and live calls to help you achieve your signature style and empower you to continue your style journey on your own.

This virtual program happens 4 x per year in Jan, April, July and October.

Starts at $495


The Overhaul

This is an intensive virtual or in-person Signature Style Development Service for private clients that takes places over the course of 4-6 weeks. We’ll do a deep dive into your style and transform it in just a few weeks.

Starts at $1,500

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Returning or existing clients have access to the following services:

*Please contact for rates

Closet Audit

Wardrobe Restyling

Personal Shopping