second hand shopper


My name is Sydney Lester.

I have two Master's degrees (that I don't use), three cats, and one great husband. I drink copious amounts of (decaf) coffee, read a lot of YA books, and get down on TV like Drop Dead Diva, What I like About You, and my latest addiction: Grace & Frankie (I think I'm Grace but really want to be Frankie). I love a good thrift store and my soul is happiest when I'm outside camping, hiking, and climbing. My dream is to live in a tiny house (but with a big closet) in the country with chickens, a lake, and solar energy. Maybe I'm Frankie after all!


Growing up, I was never the girl who was all that stylish. I could more likely be found in an oversized t-shirt and running shorts. I had to be ready to climb trees, build forts in the woods, or go mud stomping at a moment's notice, you see. I was a certified tomboy and I loved it. It wasn't until high school that I discovered this thing called personal style. Thanks to thrift stores, I spent many years experimenting with a ton of different, and often very bad, outfits. It wasn't truly until I entered graduate school and moved to the big city (Yorktown to Richmond, Virginia was quite the shock) that I realized I could actually learn how to get dressed and turn those quirky outfits into a distinctive style all my own. What I learned is that personal style can be taught. It's not just for the rich and famous, the fashionistas, or the creatives. It's for you. Welcome to Chic Stripes - the culmination of what I've learned about personal style, what I continue to learn (bad outfit experiments still included), and what I can teach you. My personal dressing philosophy blends statement pieces with a minimal closet that can be mixed and matched endlessly. I believe in sustainable and ethical fashion, timeless pieces, and a creative wardrobe that reflects one's life, style, and budget. If you value those things too, then join me. We can chat over a fashion magazine and coffee or take it outdoors  - I'm up for either.