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Not quite ready to pull the trigger on the full Personal Style Makeover? Sign up for one of services below to get a bit of the Chic Stripes style experience.



Feel like you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Tired of wearing the same few pieces over and over again?

In the Wardrobe Restyling session, we will create completely new outfits from the pieces you already own, no buying necessary. 

You get:

  • 2 hours of a dedicated outfit creation session.
  • 8-15 new outfit combinations to include accessories and shoes from your existing wardrobe. 
  • Style Recap + outfit catalogue sent via email post-session.



Is your closet stuffed to the brim? Have you forgotten what's in there? Moving and don't want to haul your junk with you? Changed sizes but still hanging on to those too-small jeans? 

In the Closet Cleanse session, we'll work through your closet together: getting rid of clothes that are outdated, worn, fit poorly, or that just don't work with your lifestyle or style preferences. You'll spend less time and stress deciding what to wear because you'll have a streamlined and organized closet full of clothes you actually like.

You get:

  • 2-3 hours of an intense cleaning and organizing session.
  • Removal of all unwanted items (trash/haul bags provided).
  • Itemized tax receipt.


$50 / month for 2 months 

Need new clothes for the upcoming season but hate to shop? Want a few new pieces but want to save money?

In the Style Subscription service, you'll receive two monthly deliveries of style picks from our favorite second hand boutiques chosen specifically for you. 

You get:

  • 3-6 new-to-you pieces each month.
  • Easy, reoccurring billing for three months.
  • The ability to shop affordably while supporting local businesses.
  • Access to your stylist during the three month period.
  • Returns done for you.


Have a fancy event and nothing to wear? Are you the key note for a major conference and want to look your best?

The Event Styling service will create a complete outfit (or outfits!) for your event to help you project an image of power and confidence.

You get:

  • Coordinated, complete outfits + accessories and shoes for your specific event.
  • Style Recap + photos for easy reference.
  • Hair + makeup referfals provided.


Does your packing style resembling throwing everything from your closet straight into your suitcase and arriving at your destination with nothing to wear?

The Travel + Packing service removes the stress of packing by creating pre-planned outfits AND packing it all up for you.

You get:

  • Coordinated, complete outfits + accessories and shoes for each day of travel/event. 
  • Your pieces folded and packed for you.
  • Style Recap + photos of each outfit for easy reference.

Looking for a more comprehensive style experience? Sign up for the Personal Style Makeover. Want more of a group experience? Check out our style workshops.