The Founders Club is the only mentorship + coaching monthly membership group designed specifically for personal stylists who are ready to take practical knowledge and apply it to their businesses.

As a member of the Founders Club, you get:

*monthly in-depth trainings from industry experts (think: marketing, social media, finances, styling and more), group coaching calls to answer your biz Qs, and live chats that give you practical strategies (not fluff) that keep you LEARNING about your business and the industry and GROWING that client list

*monthly LIVE coaching calls

*monthly challenges designed to get you into ACTION into your biz

*exclusive invites + access to live events, courses, and more designed to keep you INSPIRED (and taking action!) about your business



Here’s what that looks like:

members-only Facebook group

private Zoom link for calls

templates + resources, and biz strategies you can implement immediately to course correct or strengthen your business

accountability + support from stylists from all over the world

The Club is founded on these core values:

accessibility - business coaching, especially online coaching, can often cost an arm + a leg. if you have a business, chances are this is a side hustle or a part time gig that you are pouring your soul into. the club is committed to sticking with a price point that doesn’t exceed your Target habit.

transparency - why all the secrets? in the club we share our prices, our strategies, our tips and tricks. because a successful stylist lifts us all.

approachability - what you see is what you get. we don’t sugar coat our lives or pretend we’re something we’re not. you can expect to see, hear and interact with the founder, Sydney.

The Founders Club doors are currently CLOSED. They will open again in May 2019.

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Ready to be a founding member of The Founders Club? We’ve got three amazing options just for you!

Our monthly, pay as you go memberships are best for the Best for the on-the-go stylist - cancel any time.

Our yearly membership is best for the committed stylist - the stylist who knows investing in their business is important and they’re ready to make this year their year!

Lifetime memberships are for the savvy stylist - you know that business resources are one of the best places you can put your money and you’re in this for the long haul.

BONUS - join as a lifetime member and get a special welcome gift!

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member love

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I didn’t know what packages to offer and what to charge for them. I wanted to grow my business and didn’t know how. I am [now] working steadily as a stylist and I love what I do! Also, the ongoing support from Sydney and her Beyond group has been invaluable. It’s totally worth it! Also, she’ll be your best cheerleader ; )
— Marie Z., Canada-based personal stylist
The biggest challenges were focus, pricing, and confidence. I [worked with Sydney] to gain clarity in all these aspects. The guidance of a mentor was huge in the beginning stages. After working with [Sydney], I was able to nail down my niche, package pricing, and the confidence that is necessary in delivering these to my audience/followers/clients. [Sydney is] approachable, knowledgeable, and valuable. The resources and insight you provide will help them get from A to B faster in growing their biz. You also offer time saving tools/tips like templates, to-do lists, payment processes, etc. Essentially, your guidance helps in creating a solid foundation for a growing business. Thanks again for all your help!!
— Angela N, Connecticut-based personal stylist
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Meet the FOUNDER behind The Founders Club


Hi - I’m Sydney.

The Founders Club is for the personal stylist that wants more out of her - or his - business. We’re a group of personal stylists that take on the role of CEO. We take our businesses seriously - after all - it’s how we make our money. But we’re also innovative, fun, creative, and ready to make a difference in the lives of our clients'. I hope you’ll join me as a founder. I’m excited to use style to change the world!


Membership FAQs

  1. Can I REALLY cancel at any time? Totally. But you probably won’t want to. Each month you’ll have the opportunity to have YOUR specific biz question answered (aka: coaching sessions!), access to exclusive industry expert interviews, and free downloads + templates that will help you grow your business (aka, get more sales). Plus you’ll be connected with personal stylists from all over the world who just GET you and what you’re trying to build. Our community is like NO OTHER.

  2. What if I’m not on Facebook? No problem. All of the information will be sent via emails, calls will take place on Zoom, and course materials will be in a cloud-based folder. The Facebook community is a bonus, but is also a great place to connect and receive ongoing support, especially in a business that can be pretty isolating!

  3. How is this different from other trainings, courses or programs put out by other personal stylists? This is the ONLY mentorship + coaching program that gives you personal access to the founder (me!) and that provides real time coaching for your problems. It’s not JUST an online course. It’s not JUST a one and done coaching session (that costs a million bucks). This is a community where you can get real answers to real problems.

Terms of Services, Conditions and Membership Refund + Cancellation policy