Anjali Roka

Stylist in Training

anjali chic stripes stylist

My love for dressing up started very early around the age of 7 when my mother would put on her beautiful sarees and jewelry for private photo sessions. The combination of delicate gold jewelry and vibrant color sarees created frame worthy images. Till this day I draw inspiration from those pictures for my outfits.

I always had an eye for picking out good clothes when shopping. My wardrobe was an eclectic collection of clothes and despite a big collection of things I loved, I always struggled with the infamous dilemma of what do I wear and spent countless hours changing clothes to find the right outfit.

It wasn’t until I encountered Sydney/ChicStripes at RVA Women’s day event last year that I realized this was a common issue with a very practical solution. Sydney had a clothing rack with 4 pieces she loved (1 jacket, 2 tops, 1 pair of denim jeans) and picked them intentionally as they were able to transform into 5 different outfits.

That was an aha moment for me. Since then I have been an inherited ambassador of ChicStripes, telling everyone I know about the benefit of having a wardrobe that is intentional, evergreen, and most importantly it’s customized to you.

I’m beyond excited to join the ChicStripes team and help others discover for themselves how empowering it is to create your signature style.

Jazmine Taylor