how to write newsletters


  • Want to start a newsletter but have no idea what to write?
  • Know you need to start a newsletter but have been putting it off?
  • Have a newsletter but know you are not using it to it's full potential?
  • Want to add more value for your clients or audience?
  • Want to increase your touch points and close more sales with your clients?



  • Find your tone aka “voice” aka writing style that will resonate with your readers
  • Identify topics that are interesting and engaging so that you get those opens and clicks
  • Structure your newsletter flow so that it’s easy for your audience to read
  • Create an easy to fill in content template so you spend less time writing


  • The core of the workshop material will be taught in Newsletter 101. 
  • I'm also offering Newsletter 102 where you'll be able to craft a newsletter post workshop and send to me for individualized copy edits and suggestions. 
  • You will have the option to add on Newsletter 102 after the Newsletter 101 workshop for $45. 
  • You can opt to purcahse BOTH Newsletter 101 and 102 today and save $10.



"Thanks so much! My first newsletter will go out today!  All because you hosted a workshop! I appreciate you." - Nadia - CPA and event planner

I wasn’t sure where to start and needed some guidance, inspiration and ideas [for my newsletter].  This workshop delivered all of this.  It doesn’t matter if you have already started or are waiting to communicate, this workshop is valuable for helping to create communications that are useful and welcome in order to build you appreciative audience. - Jennifer, Clarity Coach



Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Time: 4-5 PM EST, LIVE + recorded online webinar

Location: Zoom - you'll receive a registration link in your payment confirmation email!


Learn how to craft a compelling newsletter AND send to me post workshop for individualized copy edits and suggestions. Best bang for your buck.

Learn how to craft a compelling newsletter - live workshop only, no follow up or feedback post workshop.



What if I can't make the call?

If you are unable to make the live call but still register, there will be a replay and recording of the call that you can access post workshop!

Will I get anything from this workshop if I already write a baller newsletter?

I would hope so! I LOVE continuing education and consider this the same - you can always learn something new. You may pick up a new tactic or strategy that will help your newsletter be even better. 

Do I need to have a big list to attend?


Do I need to have a newsletter to attend?

Nope! While we won't go over the process of how to choose a platform or set up your newsletter, you can ask questions and we'll answer in the Q&A portion. Most platforms are also really easy, so this workshop will cover how you can start writing once you do get it set up.