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Style CAMP is a transformative six week virtual guided program to find, hone or reset your personal style.

Ready to go to camp?

Style Camp is valued at over $2,100!

Working with me privately, one-on-one starts at $1,500


When you think about the state of your closet, having to go shopping, or anything fashion or style related do you get that nervous little tightening in your chest?

Would you rather walk on hot coals, pay your taxes, or be stranded on an island with 10 screaming babies than face your - lack of - personal style?

Do you just decide to push those thoughts away and convince yourself that you’re fine with what’s currently in your closet?

I thought so.

How would you feel if you could:

  • Easily breeze through what you have in your closet and pull out an outfit in under 10 minutes?

  • Finally let go of those high school prom dresses (or handmade knit sweaters you hang on to out of guilt)?

  • Learn and USE life changing hacks like the half tuck, capsule wardrobes, and 3 piece dressing?

  • Understand your body measurements and how that translates to your clothes and confidence?

  • Shop easily online or in stores?

  • Create a sustainable and timeless wardrobe that wasn’t built on trends?



A 6 week online guided program that teaches you everything you need to know to transform not only your clothing, but your mindset around your body, clothes, and shopping.

It’s a style journey like no other.

Here’s what you can expect:

Week 1 - YOUR STYLE EDUCATION. The psychology and uncovering of style.

We start at the beginning - which is where so few people start. Most, but not you any longer!, like to skip ahead to the shopping. That’s working backwards and we’re not here for that! We’ll start with understanding YOU - your style, your life, your goals and take a deep dive into uncovering your conscious and subconscious style hang ups.

Week 2 - BODY TYPES + STYLE ARCHETYPES. Fact finding missions.

Taking your body measurements isn’t rocket science, but it’s a little used skill that will send you on a fact finding mission to truly understanding why you gravitate towards certain items of clothing, what makes you feeling amazing, and how shopping can be easier than it has ever been. You’ll also start to give words and images to your style - 1970s rock star house wife anyone? It’s fun, trust me!

Week 3 - THE BIG CLEAN. What happens when Marie Kondo meets a Maximalist?

The closet is always the next step in this process - you gotta clear the clutter before you can add things in. This step gives you permission to evaluate your relationship to your clothes and the freedom to finally get rid of what no longer serves you.

Week 4 - THE CAPSULE + THE LIST. Capsule wardrobes + curing impulse shopping.

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage, but they don’t have to be limited to all black and just 10 pieces. You’ll learn how to create your own capsule wardrobe AND how to cultivate your personalized shopping list. Impulse shopping is not allowed at Style Camp - the list is your guide!

Week 5 - THE MONEY + THE SHOPPING. Getting real by setting up a budget and learning to shop.

We take a deeper look at how to prioritize what to buy and when (you may not have $1-2k to just go and reinvent your wardrobe right now and that’s okay!) as well as how to navigate online and in person shopping trip so that it’s fun - not stressful.

Week 6 - THE OUTFITS AND YOUR STYLE JOURNEY. Sometimes the perfect blazer is 10 blazers away….

Learning to maximize what you already own and create outfits is the best way to extend the life of your closet - and it’s fun! You’ll learn some tried and true “outfit formulas” while also experimenting with what feels good and is fun to you. As far as our style journey - sometimes you’ll need to try on 10 blazers before you find the perfect one - we’ll adopt this mindset as you prep to enter the “real world.”


Oh, and PS. Did I mention that Troop Beverly Hills is our unofficial mascot? Yep - get ready for lots of 80s references and fun!


And ask yourself, what is the value you place on:

  • Having a week that runs smoothly?

  • Not having to make MORE decision on what to wear?

  • Knowing that everything in your closet makes you feel GREAT when you put it on?

  • NOT having an underlying current of feeling blah when you get dressed?

What is the value you place on confidently owning your style? Getting a promotion? Looking better? Feeling better?

How does this whole online thing work?

Style Camp is a virtual program so that MORE women can benefit from the life changing magic of uncovering their personal style and finding freedom in embracing their true selves.

You can expect to spend between 2-4 hours per week watching the lessons, going through the exercises and interacting with your fellow Camp members. Depending on the size of your closet, you may need to add a weekend or two to that week. ;)

For just $82 a week, you’ll receive over $2,100 worth of style goodies:

  • 12 video lessons and a workbook + downloads and hands-on activities - sent via email and accessible by a private, password protected web page

  • 6 group style coaching calls each week - via Zoom

  • A Private Facebook community of previous and current Style Camp women for daily interaction and support

  • Bonus articles and activities to encourage conversation and contemplation

  • Access to ALL future rounds of Style Camp for FREE. 😱So seriously - you spend $500 and you’ll get instant access to July and October’s Style Camps - and all that come after! This includes all the group calls, all new + extra info, and anything else we do! YOURS. For you to continue and be supported on your style journey.

If a virtual program is not your thing, you can book private, one-on-one styling packages starting at $1,500.

Style Camp is NOT for you if you:

  • Think only the rich and famous can work with a stylist

  • Don’t believe that your clothes, confidence, body and self are interconnected

  • Aren’t open to being pushed out of your style comfort zone (at least a little bit!)



Before Courtney went through Style Camp her wardrobe was disjointed and lacked cohesion. While she always felt comfortable dressing for her body type, she was at a total loss when it came to describing her own style. She would often wear things that didn’t feel were “her,” simply because they were in her closet or other people had complimented them.  Her closet was stuffed to the brim, but it would typically take her over 20 minutes to figure out what to wear on any given day. She had a weird collection of everything and none of it seemed to suit her or fit her just right.

“I never felt like I had an awful phase or was unstylish, I just didn’t have cohesion or a clear style. I would wear almost anything that fit or was a color I liked, or that people complimented. And oh, the target $5 tank tops. This course gave me confidence, and in so many areas beyond clothing. I bought my first pair of tassel earrings for a wedding last month and man, did they make a difference [to a plain black dress]. The half tuck has changed my life. I’ve gotten rid of over half of my clothes and am able to use the pieces I have so much more functionally. I have gotten rid of beauty products I wasn’t using, my husband has found me so many incredible boots second hand, and I even made a pretty drastic change to my hair, all in the quest for my best self. Thank you Sydney!!!”


“[Style CAMP] really helped me get started on my next style adventure. My three biggest take aways were: 1) Knowing and being true to your personal style, 2) The value of a capsule wardrobe and 3) No need to shop at the mall, but there is a need for alterations. My next steps are continue with the closet overhaul. And mindfully obtain new wardrobe pieces. I loved the make up session and have already started using some of the suggested tips.”


Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 2.35.29 PM.png

Cassandra has been living with a chronic illness since 2000. More than a decade ago, she let go of her work wardrobe, which was a surrender to the fact that she was never going to get better. She had a vague sense that her “sick wear” affected her in unhelpful ways, but really didn’t have clarity about how or why or what to do about that. She wanted to look better to feel better. She love makeovers, and needed one. She was drab, boring and stuck. And so was her style. That’s why she signed up for Style Camp. 

“I am much more knowledgeable and mindful of my style decisions and their effect on how I feel [after this course. That awareness boosted my sense about my myself, my productivity, and even my self-worth - especially on those days when I am bed bound. I loved the journey Sydney laid out. I have pinpointed not only who my style icons are, but why. I know where to shop as I shift my wardrobe. I have a vision of what I aspire to and what the resources are out there to help me to get there. Even disabled and with limited financial resources, upgrading my style was totally doable with her guidance. I am jonesing to continue my style evolution.”


“The half tuck changed my life!”


I joined Style Camp because I knew I needed to think about my wardrobe in a different way. I was guilty of impulse shopping without intention and then being stuck with a bunch of clothes that didn’t always go together or had ONE singular piece that worked. This was obviously a waste of money and energy! Through your course, I learned more about my signature style, how to shop with a plan, and learning to invest in my wardrobe with quality pieces (I still feel like this is a work in progress). Also PATIENCE in finding the right pieces that work. I definitely feel like I made progress, and the purchases I’ve made since your course launched have been less, but I’m wearing things more! - MEGAN

I felt like I was fashion illiterate, and always felt lost shopping for clothes. Now when I go to a store I know what to look for that will fit my body type, and feel like I can be more intentional with picking out out new pieces.- KLAIRE

I had SOOOOO many clothes and yet I hated all of them after wearing them once. The course helped me eliminate what didn't work, restyle what did, and shop with purpose for new pieces. - TARREN


  • Virtual programs don’t work for you, you prefer someone in person. Totally get this! If so, please contact me here and we can get you set up for an in-person or 1:1 remote styling service. However - with over 27 women going through Style Camp, you’ll find all the support you need WHILE learning invaluable skills.

  • You’ve got a subscription style box program that works just fine, thank you very much. You can 100% keep doing your box services! In fact, you may find that you get BETTER options sent to you after Style Camp once you’ve developed a keen sense of YOUR style without having to rely on a stranger and a web form to guess for you.

  • Your idea of a shopping spree is the Target clearance rack. Oooh, girl. I used to be you. And then I realized that everything I’ve ever bought at Target (except for, literally, one dress) has either fallen apart, found itself at the bottom of a trash bag being donated, or discarded after a few wears for not really being my style. Those $8 sale tags will get you! Style Camp will help you shift your mentality around shopping and spending. You’ll learn technical terms like Cost Per Wear, but more importantly - How Does It Make You Feel? And does it align with your mood board? (More on that in Week 2)!

  • You LOVE it and need this but it’s not in your budget. If you don’t have the money, then I don’t want you to purchase this program. However, I do believe it’s an investment in yourself. Ask yourself: how much clothing have you purchased over the course of your life that you’ve never worn, didn’t like, or gave away? How much money has that wasted? Chances are, it’s WAAAAAAY more than $495. For 80 bucks a week, you’ll learn how to shop smarter, create more outfit with what you have, and how to stop wasting money on things you don’t actually love or wear. That is WAY worth the $495!!

  • You believe that clothes don’t really matter - you’re judged on your smarts + work ethic. I mean, yes, HOWEVER let’s get real. You are judged within 10 seconds of meeting anyone. If you can control the narrative, project confidence, and be truer to yourself through clothes, why WOULDN’T you want to do that?

  • You just don’t have time in your schedule to commit to this. Fair enough! We are all super busy. Once you join Style Camp, you get access to all future rounds. Make it halfway through and then life happens? Join in on the next one! Fall behind on the lessons? No problem. You’ve got the videos and workbook at your virtual fingertips. At the end of the day, you commit to what you truly want to change or pursue.



richmond magazine SARAH WALOR style camp chic stripes

Photo: Sarah Walor, Richmond Magazine

Hi! I’m Sydney.

I’ve been a personal stylist for the past 10 years. But I wasn’t into fashion growing up. That’s why I’m SO passionate about the fact that I can teach ANYONE to cultivate a sense of style and confidence.

A few things you need to know about me:

  • I have a Masters in Social Work and spent many years doing nonprofit board development and grant writing.

  • Rock climbing, yoga (200 hour YTT here!), mountain biking, camping, and trail running are some of my favorite things to do. I can rock a hiking boot just as well as heels.

  • Married with 3 (yes 3) cats.

  • Homeschooled, first born, introvert - that doesn’t let anything define her.

  • Believe fashion is a fact finding mission - our numbers, our size does not define us as people.

  • Enjoy a good social media detox (aka, getting OFF my phone on the weekends and loving life).


I believe in this program so much and have seen such amazing results with my clients of this program that we’re offering you a ONE YEAR guarantee.
If not satisfied, complete and turn in all assignments, schedule a phone call to discuss how and why the program has not worked for you, and we will process your refund.