Style Subscription

fashion subscription service

What is It

The Style Subscription is a subscription service that gives you access to like-new designer pieces from local consignment or resale stores. 

A Chic Stripes stylist will choose pieces specifically for you tailored for your body type, style preferences, and budget. You’ll complete a detailed style questionnaire where you can provide options of general pieces you would like to add to your wardrobe. Each month you’ll receive 2-3 new pieces that will work with your existing wardrobe as well as enjoy the option to shop affordably and sustainably while supporting local businesses.

Who is it For

The Style Subscription is for the woman that doesn’t have time to shop and wants to add a few affordable, pre-loved fashion finds to her wardrobe each season.

What it is NOT

If you are looking for a certain item (i.e. cognac leather tote bag), a current trend/specific piece, or don’t like clothes that have been worn (it’s okay, it’s not for everyone!), then I would love to suggest that we set up a personal shopping consultation. The nature of second hand shopping is one of adventure - you never know what you will find - and we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to check off everything on your wish list through this particular service.

What you get:

Your monthly subscription includes:

  • Personal Style Questionnaire to help us get to know your life + style.
  • Access to stylist while shopping for your real time feedback on potential pieces.
  • 2-3 new-to-you pieces chosen for your specific style, body type and budget.  
  • Items available for pick up at one convenient location in Richmond.
  • Returns easily completed for you!

How it Works (AKA the fine print)

  1. Subscribe + pay here
    1. All subscriptions run for three months at a time. 
    2. The monthly subscription fee is processed via a recurring charge on your credit card.
    3. Clothing is NOT covered in the subscription fee.
  2. Complete the Personal Style Questionnaire here.
  3. Emails:
    1. You’ll receive an intro email around the first of each month that lists shopping + pick up days.
    2. You’ll receive a second email with a reminder of pick up once bags are ready.
  4. Shopping: Shopping typically takes place by the 2nd or 3rd week of each month.
  5. Pick up + try ons:
    1. Pick ups are typically available by the 3rd or 4th week of each month.
    2. Pick up day will take place during the weekday, 9 AM - 5 PM. The exact day and location will be included in the email communications.
    3. All items are packaged in a Chic Stripes stamped bag complete with an invoice of the item and price.
    4. We encourage you to try on all pieces in the restroom to ensure fit.
  6. Returns: If any items are taken home to try on, the return due day will be listed in the emails. If specific pieces are not returned by the day indicated, you will be charged the full price for that piece.
  7. Invoices: you only pay for the items you keep!
    1. The credit card you enter during registration will be kept on file and automatically charged for your pieces.
    2. You will be charged for the item price + taxes + processing fee for all items.
  8. Refunds: We shop very hard to make sure our clients are happy with the 2-3 pieces in their subscription bags. If for some reason, you are unhappy with every item and do not wish to purchase anything from the bag, we may opt to waive 1 out of the 2 months subscription fee. Please note - we will only waive one month and that is at the discretion of Chic Stripes.

Your Part

Just $50 / month for three months at a time!

  • Price of clothing is not covered in the $50 shopping fee
  • Please note: all fees and pick up dates will be specified in monthly emails and must be adhered to. We are unable to offer alternative payment or pick up plans.

Ready to get started?

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