#Freelancelife - A Week In The Life

It has been a hot second since I've thrilled you all with a play-by-play of my days, but they are fun, so let's go! Here is what my week looked like two weeks ago.

Sunday (not so funday), March 5

11:30 AM - 4:30 PM - taxes all day every day. I started my taxes a few weeks ago, but then ran into missing pieces: 1099, EIN numbers from freelance jobs, the sheer overwhelmingness of Chic Stripes expenses (which I track, but it's very manual, no Quick Books here), IRA contributions, etc. I also hadn't had a block of time to review everything and triple check, so today was the day!

Monday, March 6

6 AM - How Power Yoga. My goal this week is 5 classes (I did 4 out of 7 days last week). 1 down, 5 to go!


9:30 AM - Coffee with Christina at Can Can and then visiting Roan for Pop - their vintage / consignment section. I am a very time oriented and productivity focused person. For me, starting the day with a 1.5  hr coffee and then shopping seemed very... unproductive. Not that I didn't want to do these things or enjoy them (I did!) it's still just taking me a very long time to settle in to the fact that my time, for the most part, is my own, and it's okay for me to do things in an untraditional way. I always love getting coffee with Christina though - she started her own agency around the same time I went freelance and we always learn so much from each other.

12 PM - Submit a grant application for one of my clients. 

1 PM - Quick cat nap. One of the perks of working for yourself.

1:30 PM - Make some decaf French Press coffee and kill time on Twitter until my call.

2-2:30 PM - Call for a client project

2:30 PM - Start writing this blog post and respond to IG comments. I'm three days behind. 

3:30 PM - Call for PT Grant Writing job

4 PM - Walking Dead break. We *finally* got into this show and schedule Mondays as our WD night. This season is frustrating though - the story lines is soooo slow. I need them to just start whacking some people. 


5:30 PM - Send in some Breakaway RVA sponsorship details to a potential new sponsor. Fingers crossed!

6:00 PM THRIVE prep. I love my THRIVE mentees and I try to make it a habit to send out reminder emails for meetings I have later in the week and make sure that my notes are ready and any prep I need to do is done.

7 PM - Get dinner and check in on my hubby who was home sick today.

8 PM - I actually didn't feel too well myself today, so we changed into PJs and crawled in bed with a book. Got a 4:45 AM wake up call for Hot Yoga Barre tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 7


5:30 AM - Hot Barre Express. This lady is no joke. I think all my muscles are gonna fall off.

10 AM - Take client clothes to resale and some of my own stuff to consignment.

10:30 AM - Take client clothes to the thrift store.

11 AM - Create a quote for a grant writing project, finish some Breakaway RVA sponsorship stuff.

12:30 PM - Take hubby lunch. #bestwifeaward #7yearsrunning

1:30 PM - Work on a grant application for a client, prep for wardrobe session.

3:30 PM - Leave for a wardrobe session with a client

5:30 PM - BEERS at Veil. And by beer I mean gose #gimmeallthesours


Wednesday, March 8

6 AM - Hot Power Yoga  (despite the rasping cough I developed overnight, if hubby made me sick...). 

9 AM - Finish up and sent out a wardrobe doc for a client branding session.

10 AM - Lay down for a nap because I wasn't feeling so hot.

12 PM - Wake up, grab balloons for the event tonight.

1 PM - Lay back down and try to rest.

4 PM - Wake up, eat some food, get myself together for the RVA Women's Day event!

5 PM - Arrive for set up

6 PM - 100+ guests arrive!

8 PM - Break down and pack up

9 PM - Tea, social media, bed. By now I think I confirmed I'm sick and hubby is the culprit. 

Thursday, March 9

All day - Sick, oh so sick. I was laid up in bed all day with some variation of the flu.  I managed to send a few emails later in the day, but mostly slept and tweeted about how this is the most horrible sickness of all time.

Friday, March 10

See Thursday. - Still sick. Still tweeting about it. I perked up a bit towards the end of the day and started work on a style client project while watching Scream Queens (think American Horror Story crossed with Glee). 

Saturday, March 11

I feel like a different person! Still decidedly sick, but I am no longer prone in my bed and can sit up and even eat (coffee still sounds horrible though, how depressing). Since I lost two days of work (no paid time off in #freelancelife), I spent the morning catching up on projects with immediate due dates (next week, yikes) annnnnd watching Scream Queens. 

This was definitetly NOT how I saw the week going, but it's life. I'll do another update soon!