3 Easy Steps to Clean Out Your Closet

how to clean out your closet

Today I'm sharing 3 easy steps for cleaning out your closet! Keep reading for some tips you can implement in 1, 2, 3. Happy cleaning!

  1. TAKE it all out. Yep ALL of it (including your coat closets and those seasonal bins). If you have a LOT of things, then take them out and go through it in sections: i.e. coats, tops, pants, etc. vs the whole shebang at once.
  2. TRY it all on. Yes ma'am. So give yourself anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. Grab a glass of wine if that's your style! When you try it on - really evaluate HOW you feel in it - do you feel good, confident? Do you like how you look? If you are unsure, then get rid of the piece (yes, even if it's a stellar piece!). You should know immediately in your gut if a piece is good or not. If you waffle - out it goes (or okay, I'll give you a 'maybe' pile so that you can think on it). A second tip here - take a PHOTO of yourself vs. just looking in the mirror - that different reflection will tell you more than if you just look in the mirror.
  3. ReTURN back only what you love and that serves you. Now it's time to put back those things that you love! It sounds counterintuitive, but when you have FEWER things in your closet, you will find it is EASIER to get dressed and more fun to create outfits because you can actually see what's in there!

BONUS! You know how people traditionally make three piles when sorting their closets? Keep, maybe, and trash? I'm gonna give you SIX piles! The more the merrier right??

  1. Keep - obvi! Keep what you love, fits, flatters and works for you in your current season of life.
  2. Repair - tiny holes? ripped seams? Don't trash it or give it away - repair it! If you are local, I highly recommend Lisa at Top Stitch RVA. She can repair anything and I've use her for all of my things.
  3. Tailor - a tailor can make a world of difference in whether you keep or move on a piece and it's not as expensive as you may think (note, this totally depends on the project!).
  4. Consign - Do you have great pieces that someone would want to buy? Take them to a consignment store and get cash back or credit for future purchases!
  5. Donate - For your leftover pieces that are older, maybe out of style, or that a consignment store doesn't accept - donate and get a tax write off!
  6. Recycle - Finally, recycle (instead of trashing!) your super old or worn out things! H&M has an in-store recycling center where you can return textiles and receive a coupon off to shop. Northface will also accept shoes!

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Sydney is a personal wardrobe stylist with over nine years of experience in the fashion industry. She specializes in helping women create sustainable and timeliness wardrobes that work for them, not against them. She is also the creator of BEYOND where she provides coaching services for aspiring personal stylists helping them take their styling hobby to a full-time business.

Sydney is a graduate of the Los Angeles-based School of Style, holds dual masters degrees and currently lives in Richmond with her husband and three cats. She loves black coffee, vintage, and the great outdoors.

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