3 Keys to Success

Photo:  Tim Win

Photo: Tim Win

This past week I got to speak to the HYPE RVA community and I was absolutely blown away by their engagement! Alton Lane (a direct to consumer custom suit maker) was our generous host - their Richmond based headquarters was gorgeous and one of the co-founders, Peyton, shared their story of how they got started as well as the psychology of dress.

It was an honor to share my story - how I went from having a well thought out plan for my life, to starting a blog, to getting laid off, to [finally] doing the thing. Over the years I've discovered that clothes are important, of course, but what is equally important is how you approach every situation in your life. I made myself a quote mainly because I thought that was a cool thing to do, but I know this concept to be 100% true. 

Thank you HYPE RVA for having me!

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3 Keys to Success

  1. Do a lot of different things - I used to think that having done so many, varied and extremely different things was a detriment. I would truthfully be embarrassed to tell my grant writing or nonprofit clients about my personal styling business. And vice versa - I would be embarrassed to tell my small business owner friends that i was babysitting, or doing freelance work - as if that somehow made me less of a person, business owner, or someone who could be proud of what she did. All of these things make me, and make you, a more interesting person. I love telling people I work in fashion but I rock climb for fun or live to get down and dirty while camping.
  2. Don’t be married to just one path - Most of us these days have a plan for how we want our life to go. We do all the things we’re supposed to do: go to school, get married, have a family, buy a house. Those things are GREAT. But it’s often when you go off the path that things actually start bring you joy and fuel your passion for everything you do.
  3. Don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks - of your outfit or otherwise. Confident was a through-line throughout my whole presentation and I am a firm believer that when you have confidence you can do anything - from pulling off a bat shit crazy outfit to launching the business of your dreams. But when that's coupled with not caring what other people think or say? You're unstoppable.