3 Things You Need to Do to Become a Personal Stylist


I get asked SO often about how I became a personal stylist. Most people look at me now and just see that - but that’s NOT the whole story.

I never thought I would be one, so this actually brings me to my first tip:

  1. COMMENCE SOMEWHERE.  I started with a blog. And because I was a blogger, I got to go and cover a styling class that was happening in DC. That opened my eyes that led me to take more classes and to later start my business.

  2. EDUCATE YOURSELF! Because I came from fashion blogging world, it was important that I gave myself some education. I got certifications, I have enrolled in a TON Of courses, I have gotten FREE mentors, I have PAID coaches. In order to the best in your biz, you have to educate yourself and sometimes that means investing in yourself. 

  3. OPTIMIZE YOUR BRAIN. This is something I teach in The Founders Club full of personal stylists who are upping their game. When they go to ask a question, they’ve FIRST explored their options instead of expecting people to hand them answers. One person’s answer is NOT going to be your answer. But you may be able to tweak it.  Google is your BEST friend. When I had my first male client, I had NO idea how to take his measurements. I set aside an hour and Googled the shit out of that. I made myself notes and took those notes to the session. 

Sydney Lester is a personal stylist and business coach helping personal stylists go from hobby to full time. Connect with Sydney below for more style + biz tips:

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