A Statement Making Minimalist Classic Style


If that subject line didn't make you think twice, I don't know what will. My newest client's style is Classic, yes, with a capital C, but she also loves wearing a few, well-made, pieces that elevate her entire look whether it's fun stripes or a bright color. We kicked off our stylist relationship earlier in July and I'm looking forward to working with her each season to build a wardrobe made up of a few, high-quality, investment pieces with sprinkles of fun statements like a red watch, striking glasses, or long pearls. 

The Closet


I always suggest a closet cleanse to new clients because, well, most people need their closet cleaned out before they can even start to think about adding new things in. This client, however, has a minimal closet on lock. What you're looking at is pretty much what there is to see. She's got her tried and true dresses and jeans, nearly half a closet full of white button downs (how chic is a white button down, especially when worn casually??), some amazing shoes (um, these Chanel clogs people!), and an assortment of other pieces that she wears consistently, but there are definitetly some holes to be filled in order to make her wardrobe work together more seamlessly. 

Wardrobe Action Plan


Since she did not need her closet cleaned out, we spent about an hour seeing what she had (I need to know what I'm working with, even if we don't spend a lot of time in the closet) and then going in depth on the style consult - we dug into her likes, dislikes, shapes, colors, big ticket items she'll want soon (a great winter coat), and packing for trips abroad as the need arises. Over the next week, I created her Wardrobe Action Plan - a document chock full of things just for her: custom mood board to visually direct her style, tips on dressing for body type, details on what her body type is and how to best dress it, along with a whole slew of recommendations to help shape her style moving forward.

The Shopping


Since it's July and most summer items are either trend-ed out and now not worth buying and fall isn't here just yet, we're focusing on finding a few key items that she can use to fill out and accent her wardrobe in the mean time - think: high quality v-neck shirts, fun jewelry, and, those lovely glasses featured in this Nordstrom advertisement. My client saw these, fell in love, and called Nordstrom... who said they were not available in store. False advertising I said! Anyway. We've identified that they are Celine, may be Celine sunglasses turned into glasses. So now I'm off on a goose chase with one goal: track down these babies and snag them for my client, along with her other shopping list of great basics, a fun watch (I think we've already found a lovely red Nixon one), clogs and more. Stay tuned because this is only the beginning!