A Tribute to Bill Cunningham

When a true, revolutionary fashion legend passes away, the whole world (at least the fashion one) mourns. Yesterday, news broke that Bill Cunningham had passed away on Saturday, at age 87.

I never met Bill Cunningham; never went to fashion week; never had my photo or a crazy outfit shot by him. 

But his history and face causes me to even now break out in a smile, remembering the articles I've read, the photos I've seen, and the documentaries I've watched. As a man who picked up a camera and pioneered what we now know as "street style photography", his images and eye for true fashion and style, that included everyone from the woman on the street getting groceries to the editor in chief of Vogue, will live forever. He is perhaps best known for the simple blue smock he wore while shooting and for commuting around NYC on his bicycle, sometimes even while taking photos; he was always prepared to capture an image.

But what I will always remember about Bill Cunningham is his smile. It was a smile that stretched wide, lighting up his entire face, whether he was working, talking with strangers, or mingling with famous fashion folk. 

The fashion world is sad to see him go; there will never, ever, be a replacement.