All You Can Pick Sunflowers


A Lesson in Simplicity 

When you get a chance to visit a field of sunflowers and pick all your arms can carry…it won’t be much because an armful of sunflowers is pretty darn heavy.


 But what it will be is…

  • Wandering into a field of green
  • Seeing bees up close and personal as they light on each flower
  • Getting lost among stalks that are taller than your head
  • Choosing flowers that are as big as your head
  • Noting that time seems to stop while you are out in nature
  • Watching as the sky puts on a sunset show worthy of fireworks
  • Lingering as the night turns dark and you play giant Jenga with your family

While we all left with more sunflowers than we could carry (some more than others), the evening was a reminder of so much more: being with family, slowing down, and utterly enjoying the very simple, but amazing, things life has to offer.


I hope these photos serve as your reminder to find and relish the most simple things in life. 


PS - Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery is hosting another weekend full of sun flower picking - this is your chance!