Arielle's Closet Cleanse + Organization, Part 2

I'm back with part two of Arielle's closet cleanse + organization session. If you are just tuning in, you can catch up on part one here. In probably just over an hour, we had successfully cleared her closet of old shoes, empty shoe boxes, wire hangers (the devil), and trendy pieces that had no room in her closet or current style anymore. Since we had time left over, we tackled her jewelry, accessories, and drawers next. 


Accessories: clutches, scarves and belts went into this cute little basket and was stored back in her closet.

Jewelry: we sorted by what she wears regularly and hung them on her jewelry tree while storing smaller items like earrings and rings in the glass jewelry box. We worked on a pretty hefty untangling job (did you get it yet Arielle??), got rid of a few pieces with missing pairs, and sorted out other trendy pieces for the resell/donate pile.

The Drawers: her dresser held jeans, shorts, t-shirts and some casual wear, so we quickly got rid of a few items (lime green jeans anyone?) and added to our list of things to replace. 

Annnnd for her final closet reveal! Not the most dramatic transformation, but if you click back to the part one, you'll see that her closet is much less cluttered and crowded as we've streamlined it to include only those pieces she loves and wears or that are timeless quality pieces we knew she wanted to keep.  

We also sorted pieces by category - the bottom rung holds tops that go from sleeveless to sleeves and are color coordinated. The top rung holds dresses, trousers, and other things we needed to protect from her cat and again, they are organized by type: day/casual pieces sorted by color and length to dressier pieces, also sorted by color and length. 

Of course, no closet cleanse + organization session is finished until I lug out my huge bags of unneeded items, but I also follow up with each client and give them a shopping list and wardrobe tricks that are customized just for them and address everything we covered in our session. Once they've cleaned they need to shop right? Right! But I never want my clients to return to impulse shopping or defaulting to fast fashion (at least not on the regular), so I empower them with a list of all the items they want/need to replace as well as direct links to product suggestions and other ways to improve the look of their closet. For example, I specifically recommended that Arielle purchase slim felt hangers in one color to improve the overall look of her closet (and keep pesky things from slipping off). I also added my little boot trick: roll up grocery store paper bags for DIY boot forms so boots don't slouch over and crease in the off months. 

And if there's any doubt my list's Arielle one week later, getting her shop on with super high quality clothes, but adding in to fill her wardrobe holes. #SoProud.