Creating a Look | AnnMarie Part 2

Can we look at scheduling a closet audit again? I know it’s only been a year + but now I with my days all over the place I don’t want everything to be spandex (although super comfy).
— AnnMarie, via email

If you remember AnnMarie's story from last week, she co-owned and ran an indoor cycling studio here in Richmond. We had successfully tackled a closet cleanse, but she was in need of a targeted wardrobe overhaul. At the time, AnnMarie was splitting her days between the studio and a boutique jewelry store where she was the Marketing Director. Needless to say, spandex and sweaty tanks weren't gonna cut it on the high-end sales floor. She has also transitioned from a business casual restaurant job and wanted a wardrobe that worked seamlessly with her life - no one wants seperate wardrobes for all the things they do.  

She signed up for my Personal Shopping Luxe service and then sat back and enjoyed. Kidding, kinda. We did another closet cleanse to evaluate where she was now, what she had and went through my full on style consult and took her measurements. NOW she could just sit back and I was off. 

Our first duty was the mood board creation. I LOVE taking a client's personality and translating it to their wardrobes. AnnMarie's before style, like so many of my clients was not bad, but she was craving a style that would reflect where she was in her life now - a successful business woman with her own business.

Her style icons were Jennifer Anniston and Eva Longoria and I drew heavily on their styles for casual as well as dressier events in creating the mood board. AnnMarie's busy scheduled required her to be on her feet and she spends a lot of time attending various events and outdoor activities in Richmond, so comfortable but cute sneakers and boots made the list, along with neutral prints and colors to be layered and mixed and matched. A lot of the looks could transition with just the change of a shoe or addition of a jacket or accessories - the perfect wardrobe for any woman who needs multiple looks on a given day. With an approved mood board, measurements, and style preferences in hand, I started the most fun part of the job - shopping! 

You can read Part 1 of AnnMarie's style story here. Stay tuned for Part 3 and 4!