Dressing for Your Body Type + Style Workshop at Clementine

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This past Thursday I had the honor of hosting a Style Workshop at Clementine. We had 22 lovely ladies come out to sip + shop. I shared my tips for dressing for your body type and was able to give super specific advice to women as they shopped. We of course chatted a bit about what to wear for fall and where you should splurge vs. save - keep reading for more photos and details!

Thank you Clementine for the photo!

Thank you Clementine for the photo!

Dressing for Body Type

There are four basic body types outlined below. When getting dressed, we are basically faking it and making fashion magic to create the illusion of the "ideal" body type - the hourglass. So, if you are bigger on the bottom, you want to distract from that by putting all your prints up top. If you are bigger on the top, then you want to distract from that by putting prints or shapes like a flared skirt on the bottom. 

  1. Bigger on the top - wear solids up top and prints on the bottom.
  2. Bigger on the bottom - wear prints up top + add details like a jacket, scarf, etc. and solids on the bottom.
  3. Proportional (aka hourglass) - your body is already balanced, so wear things to accentuate what you got! 
  4. Straight up and down (AKA no curves) - fake it till you make it! Try fit and flare dresses, cap sleeves, jackets. 
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Splurge vs. Save

SPLURGE: leather boots, bags, nice outwear and DESIGNER DENIM! Once you go designer, you never go back. ;)

SAVE: if you have one or two of the above, then you can save elsewhere. Typically tops, jewelry, or smaller items like belts and scarves, you can save on.

Fall Trends

My favorite fall trends happening right now?

  • Velvet - love this for holidays, but a great velvet skirt, pants or even jacket can be a fun addition. 
  • Red - grab yourself a red jacket and feel like the powerful boss lady you are! If red is a little too much, try it with a belt or a sweater plus a scarf to tone it down a bit.
  • Tapestry / embroidered shoes - check out Allison's post for suggestions!

Everyone had so much fun shopping and try things on. There were some familiar faces as well as so many new ladies that I got to meet. We will definitetly be putting on more workshops and events like this - stay tuned! 

A huge thank you to Clementine for hosting the event as well!

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