How To Dress For Crazy Spring Weather

You know the drill. It's spring! Which means flowers, blue skies, fresh air, patio drinks, dresses, sandals, and green grass! 

What it ALSO means is the weather is gonna be nothing short of crazy. Recently for us in Richmond it has meant gorgeous days one week and the weather folks calling for snow the very next weekend. I think we are *finally* getting to consistent spring weather, but it still means there's a chill in the mornings and it's hot as blazes during the day. 

How do you dress for this? Easy. Coat layers! This sounds hot, but it's not, I promise. Here are my three recs to cover any style preference for your much needed coat layers:

  • Long vest - My favorite version (I wore one just yesterday)! It's so chic and you can actually keep this on as the weather turns warm since it's not covering your arms. 

  • Bomber/cargo/safari jacket - These are great casual options for spring. Looking for something in a floral print is an even better way to stave off slightly chill air until the sunshine hits.

  • Short sleeve jacket - Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes a short sleeve jacket can be a great layering pieces, especially if you layer it over a light weight knit or long sleeve shirt. 

  • Light weight trench - A trench in some of spring's prettiest colors such as light pink, grey or pale blue is a great way to stay warm while still feeling spring.

A few of my favorite picks are below. Happy shopping!

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