How to Tie a Scarf + VIDEO!

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm so excited to kick off the new year with new content designed to help you gain confidence through your wardrobe (and business - but that's for another post!). 

By far the number one question I get asked is:

How do I tie a scarf??

I LOVE scarves and have in fact been accused of having too many (is there such a thing as too many scarves?). I wear them often and NOT just for keeping warm purposes. They often serve as the final piece to my outfits - creating an outfit that is interesting and not boring. 

I provided the below tips for how to tie a scarf over on Instagram:

Want to jump on the neck scarf trend but afraid of looking like an airline stewardess? ✈️

Tip 1️⃣: Stay tuned for my FIRST YouTube video dropping Jan. 3 all about how to tie your scarves.

Tip 2️⃣: Since I’m not one to leave ya’ll waiting… my favorite place to snag super cute silk (or silk-like) scarves are thrift stores. They have a variety of styles, colors and shapes (and you may get lucky and score a cool designer one). They are cheap and easy to play with.

Tip 3️⃣: To tie: lay your scarf on the floor (or table or bed, you do you). Fold it in half or on the diagonal and keep rolling or folding until you have one long 2-3” strip. Grab the ends, place the scarf around the back of your neck, bring both ends around, tie a jaunty little knot to the side your neck and there ya go.

Tip 4️⃣: For a shorter scarf, when you get to the tying phase: place the scarf against the front of your neck, bring the ends around the back, twist over and then bring them back up to the front and tie. Adjust the ends as needed!


also wanted to bring you that promised video! So without further ado.... head on over to the Chic Stripes YouTube channel and subscribe. Watch the video below and learn how to tie those scarves!

Video edited + produced by Matt Pochily

Your turn: Leave a comment and tell me what is your favorite way to tie a scarf?

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