Jewelry That Makes You Go Woah

I’d love your help building a versatile wardrobe that blends classic with a little edge. Make that a LOT more edge. So far, I’m filled to the gills with white and black. I wear the same jewelry every day. So BORING. For the love of fashion, can you save me from the Ann Taylor clearance rack?
— Kelly

There's a LOT in this question to tackle, so we're gonna split it up into a few posts:

  1. Non-boring jewelry
  2. Avoiding clearance racks
  3. Classic wardrobe with an edge

Because I'm a jewelry person myself and believe this to be one of the quickest ways to take an outfit from just so-so to double-take, we shall start here. 

How to find jewelry that will make you go woah:

  1. Know your jewelry style ID - are you a gold or silver person? Do you like fine jewelry or are you drawn like a magpie to costume pieces? Are big or small pieces your thing?

  2. Splurge on good metals and materials - the last thing you want is your finger or neck turning green from a cheap old thing you picked up in a buy one get one sale. If you can't afford full gold or silver, go with plated. 

  3. Choose a jewelry signature -  See that adorable lady in that photo? That's Iris Apfel, fashion legend, who's known for the STACKS of jewelry that she combines and wears, almost haphazardly, but always with a major impact. Her glasses, huge necklaces, and armfuls of bangles are her signature. 

  4. Shop and look, look and shop. Once you know #1-3, you can set off on your shopping adventure. Browse online resources like Etsy for handmade or vintage pieces, TheRealReal or 1stDibs for luxury pieces, or LA or NYC-based designers like DYLANLEX for seriously stand-out bling.

  5. Go local. There are always tons of amazing local artists near by if you take a second to look. Visit a weekly farmers market or simply Google your city (i.e. Richmond jewelry makers). Ask people for their recommendations, or where they got a particular piece. A few of the places/designers I'm loving right now are linked below. This should get you started on your jewelry journey!