Mens Blazers

I get quite a few emails/questions/inquiries from men about fashion. They often want to know the specifics of what to where, when to wear it, or even just the right colors for an item. Giving advice to men, while much easier than women, is still pretty detailed - men have a whole arsenal of little details that, when combined, make their overall look. 

Today's lesson is for the guys in the house (I KNOW you are out there), so let's do it:

What’s the best color blazer and style for men?
— Chris

So Chris, and all my guy readers, the best color and style blazer and totally depends on the what/where/when scenario of what you are doing, when you are doing it and where you are going. That said, here are a few basic pointers.


  • Black, grey, navy are great for events/places that are more traditional - think weddings, funerals, or business events.
  • Olive and tan/camel are good workhorse colors because they are still distinguished enough for the formal places, but can work in more casual environments while still letting you stand out from the crowd.
  • Maroon, light blue, purple - get creative here because fun colors can be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding or a creative work environment. 
  • Think small batches of color where you least expect them - look for blazers with a lining upgrade or add a monogram in a contrasting color. Not only will this personalize your blazer, you can have fun with these details without going all out and donning a bright pink blazer (if that's not your thing). I love Alton Lane (now headquartered in good old Richmond, Virginia but online and in major cities) and 707 (local Richmond) for more customization ideas. I've chatted with the folks at Alton Lane and they are pros at giving guys customized and unique looks.


  • Keep it sleek.
  • Avoid pleats or weird details. 
  • If you want a more casual blazer, look for lapels that are smooth (vs. notched).


  • Sleeves - You want the sleeves to stop right at the base of the thumb joint on your hand or just a touch higher, equal to your wrist bone, no higher or you will be doing a Steve Urkle thing, but with your jacket. Most sleeves can be hemmed if they are too long. Keep in mind you want 1/4" - 1/2" of a long sleeve shirt cuff to peek out (#protip - wear a long sleeve button down when you take a blazer to be altered. This way you can ensure a perfect fit!).
  • Waist - this should be cut to give you the slight V look that the ladies love. Avoid boxy or straight blazer jackets. If a jacket doesn't come with a nipped in waist, a good tailor should be able to give you that shape.
  • Length - When standing straight with your arms hanging down, your knuckles should graze the hem of the blazer. Tailors can also shorten a too long blazer but can't lengthen one that's too short. Remember - Steve Urkel is not your style icon. 

Today is the first installment of Style Q&A (new, fancy name to come? Taking suggestions!) and I'll tackle any style question you have, so send 'em in! or here.