How to Shop the N Sale Without All The Hype

nordstrom anniversary sale

Okay, so you wanna get some things from the N Sale? Here's what you need to know and do. 

You should go into reading this post knowing my philosophy on clothing and shopping: 1) Just because it's on sale, doesn't mean you should buy it (see more in #2 below). 2) Clothes are worth being invested in because you wear them day in and day out. Choose them wisely. 3) Don't impulse shop. It's the worse! And 9x out of 10, things you impulsively purchased don't have staying power in your closet. 

Now, read on for my tips on how you can successfully shop the sale.

  1. Sale ends Aug. 6 - It opened up to card holders in mid July, so there may be a lot of things sold out (at least the things everyone else is already wearing and we already know we are looking for timeless not trendy pieces, right? Right. 
  2. DON'T BUY BECAUSE IT'S ON SALE - You know that saying that you didn't save $50, you spent $100? Yea. Sales can lure you in, so follow the below steps to ensure you are actually getting your money's worth. Because if it sits in your closet unworn, then it doesn't matter how much money you "saved." Also, don't limit yourself to just the N Sale items. Come across a great deal on an item you need but it's not in the sale? Get it! Basically, treat the N Sale like you would any time you are out shopping.
  3. Grab your list. We covered that here. If you don't have a list, make one now by starting with #4 below.
  4. Take a quick inventory of your closet - What do you need? Do you need to replace your white t-shirt (me), do you need some new cute sneakers (also, me), are you looking to upgrade your ratty cardigans for something a little chicer (or maybe just new)? Look for holes and needs not wants.
  5. What is your body type? I would recommend getting a measuring tape and measuring your bust, waist (at the smallest point) and hips BUT if you don't have one then do your best to just determine which part of your body is the largest. If it's your hips, then you are larger on the bottom and should focus on pieces that draw the eye up in order to balance out your body type. Larger on the top? Look for flared skirts / pants, or skirts/pants with prints on them to even out your lower half. If you are either straight up or down or have minimal curves then you want things that accentuate your waist - this can be through color blocking or strategic seaming. No matter the body type, we are looking to create a visual hourglass and "fill" the empty side/sides.
  6. What is your lifestyle? If you are a new mom, chances are you want to stay away from silk, suede or other things that are dry clean only. If you work in a buttoned up office, you may need to focus on more conservative pieces. Read each description to determine how you need to care for the pieces and if it will work well for what you have to do day-to-day (vs. how it looks on the model and what all your friends are buying).
  7. What is your style? Do you mostly wear black/grey/white? Then that off the shoulder flowy top covered in bright flowers may not fit into your overall closet. Do you hate prints? Then avoid the striped top no matter how many people say you need stripes in your life! The key to successfully shopping is to know YOU - take a few minutes to really figure that out and you'll be more prepared to shop and shop well.
  8. Buy A LOT. One of the most amazing thing about online shopping (and a credit card) and Nordstrom in particular is the ability to order, order, order and have free shipping + returns. I always recommend buying at least 2 sizes of each thing so you can try on a few and get the size that works for you. You may want to try something oversized or if one size is a bit too tight, you'll already have the larger size and not have to worry about it selling out.
  9. Wait 2-3 days before ripping off the tags. Try it on when you get it. Wait 2-3 days then try on again. Only AFTER that are you allowed to rip off the tags and only if you still love, need, and can find a million ways (okay, at least 3-5 ways) to wear with what you already have in your closet. A lot of folks get shoppers high when they receive and open a package. Waiting a few days can make sure you really like a piece, that it works with all of the above, and will be a great addition to your closet.

So, here are a few things that are on MY shopping list!

Half of these things (like a robe) I had forgotten I even wanted (still do want though) and so my list prompted me to look for it (didn't find one I liked, but did find that cool poncho thing, but I don't need it, so it will most likely stay at Nordstrom or one of you lovely readers can snag it!). 

I'm not 100% sold on any of these things, but my list helped me narrow down the vast interwebs of the site, see what they had based on what I was looking for/needed and then make solid, educated decisions on if this was the time and place for me to spend my hard earned money. 

Out of this list, what may make it into my cart are the Smart Wool socks, which I know I need to replace my current ones and the Ugg winter boots, which have LONG been on my list to buy and I've tried a few and just haven't been sold. The great things about Nordstrom, again, is free shipping + returns. 

So there you have it. How to shop a sale without going crazy. I believe fashion and style is a journey - if nothing in this sale strikes your fancy, just wait. Something better WILL come along and then you can thank your handy list (and me) when you find it.