More Denim on Denim

top - thrifted | jeans - Levi's, second-hand | jean jacket - H&M, old | scarf - thrifted | heels - Target, thrifted | cuffs - estate sale | belt - thrifted

I'm pretty sure I wear denim on denim with Southwestern inspired accents at least 2x per week. For this outfit, I made sure to balance the more masculine muscle top and longer, chunky jeans with heels. Flats or boots would have made me a much happier walker on this day, but when wearing items that obscure your shape or have a more masculine feel, I like to throw in a few more feminine items. This belt is a recent thrift find and I love how huge, long, worn, and leather it is. I need to punch one more hole to cinch it a touch tighter, but it was the perfect Southwest accent.