Branding Session: Pamela

Towards the end of last year, I was blessed to get connected with Kim, the photographer behind Kim Brundage Photography. Her goal is to empower women to feel beautiful and confident through photography and our partnership feels like a match made in heaven because my goal is to do the same but through wardrobe. I'm excited to finally be sharing the sessions of these amazing entrepreneurial women that we have had the honor of working with; they are amazing and I can't wait to see their businesses grow!


Pamela's business is Pamela Biasca Losada Health Coaching and her goal is to support women in their journey to better health, happiness, emotional empowerment, a stress-free life, and freedom from emotional eating. She has a background in counseling and, as a former social worker, I felt an instant connection.  She's also a fan of good chocolate, so there' another important connection.   

Chic-Stripes-Pamelas BeforeAndAfter_.jpg



BTS (Behind the Scenes) with Pamela was fun - she juggled, broke out her non-invasive therapeutic device, and jumped on a trampoline. I stayed busy steaming wardrobe, making sure the clothes behaved, merchandising tables, and holding reflectors. A wardrobe stylist's job doesn't stop once the client has gotten dressed when you are on set!

richmond personal stylist
richmond personal stylist



Pamela wanted her session to reflect her brand colors, her ethos, and her fun spirit - I think we accomplished all of this and more!

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Sydney Lester is a personal stylist who gives women confidence through their wardrobes, saves them time and money, and teaches them how to create a timeless, personalized style and sustainable wardrobe that works for them, not against them. Sydney is based in Richmond, Virginia.