Summer Style Workshop at 804RVA - Marvin Lang

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This week I hosted my first ever style workshop!

The topic covered how to dress professionally while still surviving the heat - because let's get real - Richmond summers are no joke! We got to chat summer fashion and what to wear and NOT to wear. Each guest walked away with a goody bag that held the cutest, mini-est little lint rollers you ever did see, amazing beauty samples from Elements Beauty Shop, and other fun surprises.

The workshop was a ton of fun to prepare for but it was also one of those business expansion decisions where you just put something on the calendar in order to force you to follow through. If I hadn't (and hadn't had the support and push from my friends/mentors Sarah and Larkin!), I would still be sitting here contemplating the workshop agenda and not already have one great experience under my belt. I've got a lot of fun ideas planned for future workshops and already have two lunch and learns scheduled with a few other creatives to talk about personal branding.

If you missed the first workshop, I've got a treat for you!

I've created a Top 10 list for 10 Summer Styles To Avoid + Ones to Grab if you want to look professional and still stay cool. 

I'm gonna go ahead and give a disclaimer that you may not agree with my list and that's fine! 99.99999% of personal style has to do with YOUR context - whatever that context may be. That said, there are a few tried and true rules to looking professional in any context and that's what I'm gonna share with you! 

Ask a sneak peek - here's my first DON'T:

  1. Never wear flip flops! Yep - I said it. In fact, you should always opt for closed toed shoes when you can help it. Peep toe and sandals can be okay for summer depending on your own personal context and work environment, but let's face it, toes just aren't that cute and not really professional. When in doubt, close it up! 

To get the rest of my Dos + Dont's sign up below!