Style Is...Eccentric!

One of the things I love about style is that it's so very individualized - it's called personal style after all!

A lot of personal style can be a physical manifestation of your personality, upbringing, or how you wish to display yourself to the world. For others (95% of my clients), it's merely a function of being a human who has to get dressed in the morning - they aren't quite sure what their style is, how to achieve it, or maybe they don't even really care bout it, but they do know they need and want to look put together and polished.

I always challenge clients to delve into their likes and dislikes, color preferences, celebrity style crushes, and where they go for inspiration because all of these things make up what is inherently their personality and helps to create and define their workable style. 

Style is....
— Lauren

My sister Lauren is the epitome of a free spirt, wild child. She has an off-beat and crazy sense of humor, loves bright colors and never met a pattern she didn't like. She's a surfer girl and her laid back approach to life is reflective in her clothing - tons of lively color, mixing and matching the most wild of patterns (and on her it works!) and accessorizing like only a modern hippie child could. The more eccentric the better when it comes to her style and that is a reflection of her personality. 

I'd love to challenge you today to think about how your personality comes out, or could come out, through what you wear. Are you a quiet, thinker type? If so, maybe you wear minimal color. Maybe you love all things girly and wear a ton of bows and ruffles. Perhaps you have a loud personality and gravitate towards bold graphics. Maybe you aren't even sure yet! Maybe you'll find your wardrobe isn't matching up to your personality. No matter the outcome, this exercise should get your style juices flowing and is a great way to continue to build a confident, personal style (which you can read all about here).