Now Announcing: Chic Stripes Style Subscription


Chic Stripes Style Subscription

You guys! I'm so excited to announce the official launch of my new service - the Chic Stripes Style Subscription.

I've been testing it the past few months to resounding success. It's one of my favorite services (although I think I say that about all of them) because it gives anyone access to a personal stylist, personal shopping, and amazing second hand clothes (read: easy on the wallet while still being stylish), all at a super affordable price of $50/month.

The #ChicStripesMonthly is for you if you are a:

  • Busy professional
  • Person who hates to shop
  • Someone who loves fashion, but wants a few new, affordable pieces in their wardrobe
  • Husband/boyfriend looking for a great gift
  • Someone who wants to shop sustainably, reduce the cycle of fast fashion and support local business

What They Are Saying + Looking Like

My clients (all of them!) are so awesome. Here are a few fun behind the scenes pictures, texts, and images from our test run. Come join the fun!


I've been documented everything on Insta Stories and it's been a blast (if not a ton of work, because trust - my shopping days are intense).  I've been fortunate to build solid relationships with my second hand businesses in Richmond and I'm working closely with Clothes Mentor (Short Pump and Virginia Center locations) to curate looks for all my clients - this often means I'm in the store before normal hours, pulling, sorting, and making sure I'm getting everything for my clients. Our first go round, I was in the store for three hours (it got busy!) and someone tried to pull things from my rack, hence the sign! What can I say? I pull good sh*t. 


Sometimes I get asked how I don't put my own style preferences onto my clients and my only answer is that a good stylist should have their own defined sense of style but can dress all of their clients according to their personalities, budgets, lifestyle, and preferences. ALL of my clients are so different and I love finding pieces that work for them. Of course there is some overlap... as you will can see below.


I text my clients. A lot. When I'm shopping, I pull all their looks, then shoot text messages for them to give the yay or nay. This works great because it cuts down on returns, but also lets them get a preview as to what I'm finding. That amazing fuchsia dress (pic: above far right) I pulled for one specific client, but when we did a try it, it just wasn't working for her. Fortunately, it worked and looked amazing on another client - win/win! 


You know a client loves her picks when she sends emoji's a million times - another reason I love my clients! All subscriptions get packaged and dropped off once a month, but I also have open office hours so that clients can try on their pieces - if it doesn't fit, back it goes. This is such a great way to get clients to experience with different styles as well!


Here are a few of my clients trying on, Instagramming (always  marketing ya'll!), and wearing their pieces to event specific places. For a lot of my clients, we are looking for things to amp up their wardrobes or to fill holes - think easy day dresses, cardigans, and tops that can be dressed up or down. For other clients, I look for event specific pieces like dresses for weddings or events (hint, hint - holiday parties galore are coming up!). We're getting into colder weather here, so November is looking like jackets for a lot of my clients.

What do YOU need?