The Original Boss Babe

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#bossbabes #girlboss #ladyboss

These hashtags abound across social media and are used to celebrate women-powered accomplishments.

The women that come to mind will be different for everyone, but I tend to think of Lauren Messiah, Aliza Licht, Marie Forleo, and Lilliana Vazquez – women who built their businesses and brands from scratch and are killing it in the fashion game.

Women for you may include Hilary Clinton, Rosa Parks, or Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Or maybe Ann Burras Laydon.

I’m gonna throw this way back for ya’ll: Ann was born in 1594 and in 1608, at age 14, she became one of the first two women to traverse the ocean and set foot in what is now Virginia. She came over as a maid, but later found work as a seamstress – making her one of the ORIGINAL #bossbabes.

Not a lot is known about Ann and her family. They survived what was known as Jamestown’s “starving time” and the Powhatan attack in 1622. By 1625 they moved to Elizabeth City (what is now Newport News and near my own hometown of Yorktown, VA). While we don’t have the details about her seamstress business, can you imagine having your own business in the 1600s?

I believe that the traits she embodied that allowed her to do what she did hundreds of years ago, still hold true to today’s modern boss babes:

  1. Courage – Today it’s easy to jump on a plane and see the world. Or to tune into social media or television and get up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening thousand miles away. Imagine getting on a boat and setting sail – not knowing ANYTHING about what you may encounter on the journey or on your arrival – how insanely scary.  Courage was a must for Ann and it’s a must when embarking on your own freelance or entrepreneurial journey. There are SO many unknowns, but sometimes the only way to find out what they are is to just take that first step, even if you aren’t sure where you are heading.
  2. Grit – Can you imagine the perseverance Ann must have had to overcome sickness and cramped quarters on a boat for hundreds of days? Or making a new life from sticks and mud (literally)? Nothing but pure grit and a get things done attitude could have made her stick it out – and it’s the same for boss babes today. Sometimes you just have to stick it through and refuse to let anything get you down.
  3. Humility – Let’s face it. Ann was a maid when she started out. But she wasn’t above doing the small tasks and no doubt, it was her dedication to those that led her to her own business. If you are a boss babe, whether in your side hustle or your own business, it’s so important to stay humble and be willing to put in time to “pay your dues.”

So, let’s take a page from 1608 and an original boss babe and go get it.

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