The Perfect Pointed Toe Flats for Fall


Without a doubt, the pointed toe flat is one of the chicest shoes you can own. Sure, a ballet flat may be comfortable, or you may be able to ball it up and slip inside your bag, but chic, adult, sophisticated, and leg-elongating? The round toe flat just can’t live up (read about my pointed toe vs. round toe debate here).

When a friend commented on a recent Instagram post inquiring as to where I got my pointed toe shoes, I figured: let’s do a round up!

For some reason, a great pointed toe flat seems really hard to come by, so I've gathered a few of my favorites for you in one, easily shop-able post at varying price points.

As for my own pointed toe shoes, they are Ferragamo kitten heels that I snagged from Baggio Consignment a few years ago for about $50! I wear them any time I want a little more polish but still need to walk around. I'm on the hunt for a good pair of pointed toe flats myself, so I may end up shopping my own list.

Note: yes, the below options are affiliate links. You are welcome to shop the options from my site and or go directly to the retailer. 


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