The Rounded Toe Flat vs. The Pointed Toe Flat

Original pic credit  1 ,  2

Original pic credit 1, 2

In today's fashion debate (you can read the first installment here), we are pitting the rounded toe flat up against the pointed toe flat. This came up in Monday's client fitting as my client was trying on a variety of pointed toe shoes I had purchased for her, most notably, the pointed toe flat. A couple of my client's friends attended the fitting and were surprised to hear my soapbox speech on the perils of rounded toe flats. 

I shall share these insights with you, so you may make educated flat purchases from here on out.

The rounded toe flat (often known as the ballet flat) has been the go-to shoe for women for many, many years. It was seen as easy and chic and for some women, it can be. But for the vast majority, the pointed toe flat is a much chicer (and adult-er) shoe to purchase.

So why do I hate ballet (and rounded toe) flats with such a vengeance?

  1. They tend to lack firm soles which support the arches and soles of the feet (which can cause foot pain and shin splints!). They are often not ideal for long periods of walking or standing. I mean, have you seen those ballet flats you fold up and stash in your purse? Or the ones with the elastic part at the heel? Yea, no thank you. 
  2. They shorten your legs with their rounded and often stubby appearance. Who wants to appear stubby??
  3. They project an image of childishness. I'm an adult and I will dress like one thank you. Now bring on the pointed toe shoe!

The Pointed Toe Flat and why I LOVE them:

  1. They are super versatile - they are appropriate and sophisticated for the office or can add an unexpected bit of polished to an otherwise casual look. Think pointed toe flats with jeans and a blazer. 
  2. They elongate the leg (especially helpful if you lean towards a fun size height). Heck yea!
  3. They project a sexy, confident, boss lady (AKA authoritarian) vibe. Who doesn't want to feel like the own every room they step into?

The pointed toe flat is quite literally a Power Shoe!

So when, then, CAN you do rounded toes on shoes? (Because I know you are wondering!).

  • Brogues
  • Oxfords
  • Boots of all kind

Now, you can go forth and purchase only pointed toe flats. Don't let me catch you wearing otherwise! 

Because I'm a fashion history lover, I enjoyed this article that highlights just WHY pointed toe flats are here to stay + it gives some fun history and psychology behind one's choice of shoe.