Vision Board / Life Planning / Manifestation SESH! 

Let’s flow and plan in 2019!

As one does, I jumped on an Instagram Live to do a 30 minute overview of how + why I created this agenda and process. Ya’ll wanted to know, so here you go! You can watch the full video below. Step by step outline and downloads at the end. Happy planning!


My tips, tricks and how I scheduled out our 3 hour 2019 and life dreams.

Things you need:

  • Cool space or location that is NOT your home (this is v. important)

  • Set a date 2-3 weeks out and start talking / getting excited about it!

  • Snacks / food / drinks (also important)

  • Supply list based on your agenda

Supplies + tools I used:

  • Calendar - physical and electronic (I used the download attached)

  • Evernote (or Google docs, etc, basically a way to keep track of your agenda, notes and to hold you accountable with your weekly / quarterly / yearly check-ins!)

  • Master binder, notebook or folder + dividers for physical organizing

  • Magazines, construction/printer paper, three hole punch, tape, markers/sharpies/colored pencils, glue stick

  • Computers, chargers, phones, music

  • Snacks, coffee, lunch / money - you choose what you wanna eat that will make you excited for this session!!

AGENDA - 11 AM - 2 PM

Part 1 - Set the tone + have some fun

  1. Meditation *pro-tip: I use Insight Timer which is completely free and I LOVE i

  2. Vision boarding *pro-tip: snag your magazines from the thrift store. So much cheaper

  3. Core values

Part 2 - Heavy Lifting

  1. Budget

    1. Exercise:

    2. Implement:

    3. Notes

  2. Travel

    1. Exercise

    2. Implement:

    3. Notes

  3. Family

    1. Exercise

    2. Implement:

    3. Notes

  4. Career

    1. Exercise:

    2. Implement:

    3. Notes:


This is where you GET into it. I also like to use this as a working session. Want to make amendments to your budget and cancel some things? Do it while you are talking about it, not later.

Pick whatever YOU want to talk about. What’s important for you and your family? Put it down. Nothing is too small or big. Everything gets a category. I also like having the sub sets - exercise can be used to do something fun, implement is for you do do the action, schedule it out, etc. and notes is to take notes about this topic while you’re discussing it.

The last section should be action items - hopefully most of the work was done in the major session, but if not, it needs to be written down and tasked out with a due date, who is doing it, and when you’ll check in on it. Planning is no good if there’s no follow through!

Part 3 - Make it Practical + Applicable

  • 2019 Goals - write these down and put it where you can see it!

  • Schedule out. this means: put ALL dates in your calendar and share it with each other. Start an “agenda” in the notes section of the calendar as well as in your note taking device.

    • Weekly family meeting - day, time, location

    • Quarterly family retreat - date, time, location

Sample of my 2019 goals + monthly calendar set up on the fridge! The key to tracking and continuing to track is to set up a system that is EASY to use (aka, right in front of you).

Sample of my 2019 goals + monthly calendar set up on the fridge! The key to tracking and continuing to track is to set up a system that is EASY to use (aka, right in front of you).


You may need to spend some time afterwards setting the things from heavy lifting up. After we did our whole session, I took about another two hours to print out the calendars, plotting things on, organizing papers, etc.


Calendar + notes

Core Values:

Happy planning!