A Closet Cleanse: Before and After


I'm going to let you in on a personal stylist's secret. We are more than just stylists - we are space organizers and energy givers. Allow me to explain. 

The photo above is the actual before space of a recent closet cleanse (not to worry, sharing these photos has been client approved!) It was a tiny bit messy. My client is a super savvy, tech guru, woman entrepreneur who has a busy life and she wanted her wardrobe to be easy to navigate without loosing her favorite pieces. She was also prepping for a big move and knew she didn't want to haul bags of clothes she didn't like or need with her. 

After a little bit of a discussion on her style preferences, we jumped right in. All of the clothes on the rack came off and bins were dumped. And we went through them one. by. one. There were certain things she had to keep, like her stash of wolf shirts (it's a work related joke) and tech related tshirts from certain events. So we gathered them together in one spot, folded them, and stored them in a bin. As we went, I gathered all the metal dry cleaning hangers for removal and made sure all of her items were hanging neatly on the felt slim hangers she had.


As we worked through the room and each section (dresses, t-shirts, jeans, etc.), we made piles for trash, donate, tailor/fix, and give to her sisters. We also cleaned up each area as we went, dumping out bins, sorting and storing in different bins. Travel luggage, snowboarding gear, and work out accessories were all tackled in our closet cleanse! We cleared her mantle and made a tiny spot for a book display in her window nook. The final results? Literally breathtaking! 

Everything had a home and everything was in its place.  The space seriously felt like it was renewed and full of energy. It may be a little Kon Mari for some, but the vibe in this space was totally different.

All of her pretty and fun shoes were displayed (there are some funky Betsy Johnsons in there!). Long dresses were situated to the left on the rack to make room for the laundry baskets to help keep floor space open. And we even found a closet! Well, she knew it was there, but I found it during our cleanse. It got its share of the makeover magic and it went from housing multiple pastel bridesmaid dresses to the snowboard gear, luggage, travel pillows, and off season items like scarves and gloves.

I love looking at these before and after photos because it's such a visual transformation. Now that it's done, my client is armed with her mini-shopping list so that she can go out and replace certain items (*ahem* Crocs *ahem*) with stylist approved ones that will work with her personality and lifestyle. It's so fun to hear clients rave about their new spaces and I'm thrilled that I can be a part of  making that happen.  

Thinking of doing a closet cleanse?  Click below to see if it's right for you!