How to Wear Red Shoes

What do you think of when you hear "red"? I know my mind immediately goes to sexy, bold, smart, savvy. Red shoes are something that every woman wants, but choosing the right red shoe is where many stumble. You can't just pick a red shoe and be done with it. It has to be the right shade of red for you. It has to be the perfect shape or style to fit the rest of your outfit and/or event. It has to be the perfect heel height that melds all of the above - you, your style, outfit, and event - into one solid, wham-bam, impressive look. 

If choosing a red shoe is SO DARN HARD, then how do you find the right one? Consider these tips.

  1. Go for luxe. Cheaping out on a red shoe will be extremely easy to spot. If you are budget conscious, look for details like a pointed toe or suede material. Never do cheap patent leather as it's all too easy to spot.
  2. Opt for a pointed toe over a round or almond toe. A pointed toe pump will instantly make you appear polished and chic.
  3. Avoid cliches. Do not pair red pumps with light wash jeans, a band t-shirt and a black blazer or leather jacket. It's such a fashion cliche that it will look try-hard. Do not buy red shoes with heels over 3" or a platform. You will instantly become "that girl" (and you won't be able to walk...). 
  4. Tone it down. When wearing red shoes, they will most likely be the star of your outfit, so tone down the rest of your pieces. 
  5. Experiment with different shades. Not all reds are created equal nor do all shades work for any one person. Think of red shoes like lipstick and choose the shade that will flatter.
  6. Commit to it. Wearing red shoes is not for the faint of heart. Wear them with pride and rock your confidence.

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