A Clothes Rut | AnnMarie Part 1

It's no secret that I get to work with some kick ass ladies in my job as a personal stylist. Most of my clients come via word of mouth and I tend to attract people (mostly women, a few men) who are creative, have an intense drive and love for what they do, are other business owners and entrepreneurs and who like many of the things I enjoy (coffee, good drinks and naps primarily). 

AnnMarie is one of those clients (and one of my very first clients who was not my mom or my best friend). As with most people in Richmond, I met her via Twitter and watched as she helped co-found and run Boho Cycle Studio. 

She contacted me for a closet cleanse because she was in a clothes RUT. You know those ruts - when your wardrobe is full but you never have anything to wear? And when you do wear something, it is just "meh." Yea, no good. 

So we did a full on closet cleanse and let me tell you - we cleaned it out! As we went, we identified wardrobe gaps - items AnnMarie could buy that would be a better replacement for what we were getting rid of as well as items she could buy that would fill specific holes in her wardrobe. I made her this cute little chart below (hey, I was still figuring things out) that would help her as she embarked on her own shopping.   

AnnMarie loved her closet cleanse because not only was she able to clean out items she was no longer wearing or loving, she was also able to walk away from it with a solid action plan. She knew exactly what to look for when shopping and knew that when she purchased those pieces we identified, she would have multiple ways to wear it. 

At the end of the cleanse, I took away all of the items she no longer wanted, so she wasn't left then with the burden of lugging a zillion bags to Goodwill (that would be me with that fun joy!).  

It wouldn't be long before AnnMarie would reach out again, this time looking for a full on style makeover - one of my favorite kind of projects!

Stay tuned for Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of AnnMarie's story!