The Great Debate: Boyfriend Jean vs. Girlfriend Jean

I want to try to get some different looks into my wardrobe. You’ve talked about jeans like this before. I love that kind of look with heels and a tank or something. But when I tried one on in a store it just made me look bigger (it was baggy in the legs, tight at the waist)... Any suggestions? Maybe that was just a bad fit or am I mistaken and is this not the right style?
— Jai, personal styling client

You are not mistaken! The style of the boyfriend jean is deliberately baggy throughout the legs. Some women love this look (myself included) but others find it very hard to work with their own body types and personal styles. A loose cut jean does nothing to highlight their curves, leaving them feeling less than confident in their style. Thankfully, the market is realizing that women have different shapes, styles and preferences (helllooo) and the girlfriend jean may work. The girlfriend jean is very similar to the boyfriend jean in that it evokes a relaxed, casual feel. The main differences however, is the cut throughout the leg - the girlfriend jean is decidedly more fitted, hugging curves, and making your butt look good (this is why we buy jeans after all right?).

A few of my favorite girlfriend style jeans are linked below.