Style Update: AnnMarie Grohs, owner of Boho Cycle Studio

annmarie grohs chic stripes

What better way to kick off Monday than with a client style update?

AnnMarie is one of my clients that has been with me the longest. We started working together in 2014 and our first order of business was to tackle her closet and help her define what her style IS (a mix of Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Eva Mendes were her early inspo) and how to get there. 

Through our time working together, AnnMarie’s style has developed and now if you see her out and about she’s rocking a super cute sporty minimalist chic look with a good mix of high and lo pieces.  

In the above picture, she was headed to a backyard BBQ then driving to Williamsburg for a music festival. She needed a double duty dress and this one (that she picked out herself, mind you!) worked perfectly. 

From AnnMarie:

“My boyfriend was asking me once why I always have so many questions when we go to events for his work or colleagues or around the town things. It’s because I am deciding what to wear! He replied, “You always look great!” I know! It’s because I plan it - the venue, who is attending, what time if the vent, the type of event - it’s work.”

“But I don’t always want to spend the money for something new for all of life’s things so we [Sydney and I] worked a lot a few years ago on having a wardrobe that can mix and match for all things. I continue that to this day. I buy items that can be dressed up or down based on my shoe! There is always the need for something more fancy but on a day to day basis I make all of my things work for me. A great pair of navy shorts work for everything!!! Tanks and wedges, t-shirts and chucks, denim and flip flops [Sydney edit: I don’t condone those flip flops!]

"Being in the fitness/wellness business, the world of spandex can get out of control - but that doesn’t mean it’s off limits. I can be dressed for the day rather casual and not look like a mess or someone that didn’t get out of her pjs! [just by mixing and matching]”

Sydney here:

I LOVE that our early work together helped lay the groundwork for AnnMarie to shop and style herself for her day to day looks. She still reaches out when she wants help shopping for specific looks or events (we did some summer shopping earlier this year for a tropical vacation), but through our few sessions, she learned what pieces flattered her body type and how to make her closet work for her, not against her. I love it!!

PS - For those wondering, she picked up the dress at Orange several years ago and wear's it ALL the time. Local boutiques and unique items can quickly become wardrobe staples as not everyone will have the same piece!

You can read AnnMarie’s style story below!