How to Leverage Groupon to Your Style Advantage *Sponsored*

groupon nordstrom coupon codes

Groupon has long been my first stop in finding good deals on everything from massages to gym memberships to half-off dinners. But I’ve always been a little skeptical of the site when it came to fashion - it conjured up images of poorly made tops or dresses that should only be worn as beach cover ups.

But, if you know what to look for, it can be a treasure trove for finding good deals. Here are my tricks to shopping Groupon to your style advantage:

  1. Shop by brand name - this strongly increases your chances of avoiding subpar leggings and increases the chances of you getting something you’ll actually need AND like.
  2. Head to the coupon section - this was a new to me section that totally beats my old tried and not very true method of turning to Google and searching “promo codes for….” Yea, that very rarely yielded me any codes that actually worked. Here, you just enter the name of the store you want to shop, Nordstrom for example, and all of the current codes pop right up, making sure you always get a legit code.
  3. Sign up for coupon alerts - if you stay on the same coupon page, you can scroll down on the left and enter your email to get alerted for future coupons. Sounds like an easy way to keep tabs on your favorite brands/stores!

Have you ever used Groupon to shop for fashion? Share your tips + tricks in the comments!