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Guys. I can almost not really believe I'm typing these words. But as of September 1, 2017, I'm a 100%, full-fledged, no more freelancing, business owner! 

Okay yes (real life), I have a few loose ends I'm working on tying up, but yea! 

But what does this mean for ya'll? Probably nothing! A few months ago, I had someone tell me they thought I had been running my business full time for ages and didn't realize I had only been working on my business part time, so on the whole, not a lot should change. Hopefully thinks actually can ramp up (like blogging more than once in a blue moon). But for me, the shift is happening in my mindset and my brain. I can't describe to you what it's going to be like to only have to think about ONE business (not that running Chic Stripes as a one boss show is an easy task), but for as long as I can remember I've always had some sort of combo of: school, work, babysitting, full-time job, blog, hobby, passion project, part-time job, freelancing, etc. Usually 2-4 of those at any given time. 

It's almost a little scary thinking about what my brain may come up with when unleashed to it's full potential (so dramatic!) and only needing to think about pushing Chic Stripes forward. 

I will keep doing my #freelancelife posts under the #EntrepreneurLife hashtag because I love sharing the business side of owning a business. I think it's important for people to know and see that YES it can be be done. You can go from having a day job and passion project to turning that passion into a job (insert all the cliches!). 

So how did I make this happen? A lot of hard work that I started back in 2009. If we look at it this way, it took nearly 8 years for me to turn a hobby into a business (a real business that provides real, monthly income). I think the most burning question is though, how are you making enough money to pay the bills?? Aha! A great question and for another blog post! But suffice it to say, I have been earning steady income, meeting my (kinda small) goals, and am making space in my universe by leaving my grant writing jobs for new clients in the coming months.

Basically, this post was just to let ya'll know I'm ALL IN and I couldn't be more excited. Oh, and dreams do come true!