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I “made my name” (if you will) in fashion blogging by blogging about my second hand style. I spent an entire year where I ONLY shopped thrift / consignment (yep, no Target clearance racks for this girl) and it was great. I have always loved a bargain AND the thrill of the hunt and shopping second hand gave me both.

Now, in my business life, I’m moving away from being known as ONLY shopping second hand because let’s face it - sometimes there is a need for new things. (That said, I still strongly adhere to the "buy it if you need it, not if you only want it" philosophy).

When Current Boutique first reached out to me, I was familiar with them since I have a lot of fashion friends in DC and of course I love second hand shopping for my own style. On my first browse around their online store though, I didn’t see anything that called my name and so I politely declined - I didn’t want to fill my wardrobe with an item for the sake of a collaboration.

Fast forward to being bored on the sofa one day (and probably a glass of wine or two in) and I decided to take another look at Current. Well what do you know. An Alexis Bittar cuff and T by Alexander Wang dress both which fit not only my personal style but my dream list. Now, I will say, these two items in general AND specific were NOT on my immediate shopping list. BUT, I am aware enough of my personal style to know that this type of grey dress would fit seamlessly into my wardrobe and add something do it that I don’t already have. An Alexis Bittar item has also long been on my dream list and the green cuff coupled with the gold link just fit into my style.

Thank you Current Boutique for gifting me these items in exchange for talking about you guys - I’m happy to do it as I love supporting local stores and share the amazingness that is shopping second hand. Current’s brick and mortar stores have been around for over 10 years and they recently launched a website to reach more people. They have partnered some some amazing bloggers across the US, including Carolina of @chictalkch, Dani of @blonde_inthedistrict, and E of @DistrictofChic!

For you my dear readers, you can use code “CHIC” to take 15% off anything from their store!

Consult your list and happy shopping!