#FreelanceLife: Week 4


Another week, another step closer to building the business of my dreams. Or something like that. Here's my week in review. 

Monday, April 25 - Went to the co-working space super early (dropped off as I was still carless), had business mentoring, had a fashion mentoring call and then pretty much just worked. I am overhauling the press page on my website and my folder was super disorganized. This type of project is so necessary, but always takes way more time than you bargain for. Finally picked up Andrew's car up from the shop.... $1,200 later.  

Tuesday, April 26 - Figured I would be responsible and take care of some little things on my car, such as getting my April inspection done early and changing my oil. $500 and new brakes later, my little rush of responsibility really just made me realize that being an adult sucks. Sigh.  Despite the bills, today was a lesson in flexibility. My friend Katyee texted me to see if I wanted to go on a day trip to Farmville to go rug shopping.  I evaluated my scheduled and it was a quick yes when I saw I had no deadlines. It was a great decision and SO refreshing to talk business with another creative professional (she's a wedding/lifestyle photographer). We ended the night with drinks at Pearl, a visit to Quirk, and nachos at Asado. I have a ton of things to get a jump on in regards to upping my business game, but I'm so excited to get started. This spontaneous day off was just what I needed.

Wednesday, April 27 - Slept in a bit, got up and went for a short run + 120 walking lunges (4 sets of 30). I had most of the day to myself which was nice as I was able to work on writing projects for my freelance clients. Picked up cash for a styling service which is great because it meant not loosing money on credit card/website processing fees! It's the little things people. Watched episodes of The Mindy Project and New Girl while going through emails. 

Thursday, April 28 - Today felt like I got hit by a truck. Those lunges yesterday must have done me in. I also just had a massive day of not connecting with my projects. I felt blocked, uninspired, unable to write, etc. I worked in bursts and alternated working with reading and napping.  It was not the most productive day, especially frustrating when as an entrepreneur it seems as if your time = money, so any time not spent doing something to make money is wasted time. I chalked it up to a kinda stressful past four weeks and went to bed early. I did get two online bookings (and payments, yes!) for services with a new client (two different services over the next month) and got a follow up email from a client (the CPA) about how she is loving her knew style. She even sent a picture and she looks so good! Those emails warm my stylist heart - I love nothing more than when a client feels confident in their new style! 

Friday, April 29 - Got up suuuuuper early (3 AM early) to finish work on my writing projects. I am really productive in the early hours and would rather go to bed at 6 and wake up early to get things done. I had a PT appointment for my shoulder (rock climbing injury) and a kitchen consult (DIY project?). I also tackled freelance writing work, work call, and then a project meeting. Ending with date night. And wine, lots of wine.

I want to continue sharing things I'm learning as I develop my business - anything you want to know? Share in the comments and I'll try to include an answer in my upcoming posts!