How To Find Your Style and Gain Confidence

I have no idea what my style is.
I don’t need to be a fashion person, I just want to look nice.
I’m very malleable when it comes to style.
— A lot of my clients
Client fitting - giving confidence!

Client fitting - giving confidence!

If you have ever thought one of these sentiments, you are not alone! So many of my clients come to me just not knowing what their style is and not feeling good about what they wear. I love working with these clients because it is so much refreshing to see them have with clothes and feel good in what they are wearing, with what we buy them, and with how they learn to mix and match their existing own pieces.

You can most certainly hire a personal stylist to help you define your own style and gain confidence, but here are a few things you can do on your own to get started:

  1. Take a style quiz. Google "personal style quiz" and starting answering! Since these can actually be pretty fun, you may want to take a couple and see what results you get. You may notice words coming up across multiple quizzes (think style descriptors like Classic or Feminine) or trends in styles you like. The first step to figuring out what your style is, is to ask yourself these types of questions. 
  2. Gather inspiration. Save photos of styles, shapes, people and celebrities when you see something you like. This can be virtual like on Pinterest, or you can tear pages out of magazines and save them in a binder. Having photos allows you to physically see your inspiration and it makes for a great reference when  you want to shop. 
  3. Find your body style. Get yourself to a tailor or have a friend take measurements. Sizes change, but knowing your exact measurements will help you out so much, especially shopping online. The style quizzes will also help you with this a little. 
  4. Know what you like and feel good in. Somehow, most of us know when we look good. We get lots of compliments, we feel comfortable, and usually, we aren't even paying attention to what we're wearing. Start paying attention! These little cues can help you decide what style of dress or cut of pants to buy in the future. 
  5. Start small. Not ready for a huge style overhaul? Try starting with accessories. One of my clients never wore jewelry, she had just gotten out of the habit. In our fitting, I brought her several pairs of stud earrings (to highlight her face and short hair cut) and this simple addition made her outfits more pulled together and increased her overall confidence.

Think you'd rather let a professional help you? Click below and schedule your style session! We'll do an in-depth style profile and spend time in your closet, giving you exactly what you need to develop your style and increase your confidence.