Gift Guide: Shop Fashion



Okay, so this little round up is a little selfish. It's all the things that are sitting on my Investment Wardrobe wish list for one reason or another: 1) I've been eyeing this exact item for several months/years but have yet to pull the trigger (also means this is not a trendy or fad item), 2)  I already own the exact piece, 3) I love the brand/designer, 4) I'm making not so subtle hints to my family (kidding, kinda). 


1.     Mycra Pac Designer Wear - Reversible Pleat Hood Packable Travel Coat in Bronze/Black, $238. You guys. I got this in a Trunk Club delivery and have been thinking of it/saving up ever since. It's wind/rain resistant. It folds up. It's reversible. It's easily dressed up. Why have I not bought it yet???

2.     Nike - Free, $100. Despite the overabundance of these sneakers on fashionistas everywhere, I love/need them for running errands or long days on set.

3.     Drift Riot - Way Love Goes ring, $68. I included this in my SHOP LOCAL gift guide and own it because this ring is just too awesome. You can also purchase a matching cuff or necklace. 

4.     Naja - Christine Bustier, $68. I love this lingerie company that helps women in need. Look sexy and feel good while doing it.

5.     Madewell - Pocket Tee, $19.50. Basic, casual, closet must have.

6.     BP - Trolley Boot, $85-$100. I recommend these boots to nearly all my clients. They are classic, has a super walkable heel, and come in the perfect color assortment for fall.

7.     Patagonia - Fitz Roy Down Jacket, $174. I'm very skeptical of "fashion puffys" and while I haven't tested any yet, I choose to stick with brands that I know provide a great look while also doing what they need to do - keep you warm whether you are on a shopping spree or the side of a mountain. 

8.     Leatherology - Large Cosmetic Bag, $55 + $10 for monogramming. I purchased a full size wallet from this company several years ago and it's been one of the best adult wardrobe decisions ever. The black leather wallet is sleek, holds up and still looks nearly new. My goal now is to see what else I can add to my collection.

9.   Superga - Cotu Classic, $65. This is your adult step up from Vans or Converse (remember those?). A pair of these in white for spring is a must have.

10.  Sorel - Caribou Winter Boots, $112-$150. If you purchase winter boots this year, I only ask one thing: For the love of all things practical, do not buy a snow boot that has a heel. For you fashion people - look no further than Sorel. While they have their share of non-practical (IMO) boots, these are great, get the job done, are lined, and waterproof. And no risk of injury. 

11.  Enza Costa - Gauze Trapeze Top, $109. I love everything from this LA-based company. Their tops work especially well from everything from casual wear to office. (Pro tip: shop this brand on for savings galore).

12.  Cuyana - Classic Leather Tote, $175 + $10 for monograming. This company's moto of "Fewer, better" totally speaks to me. I bought this same tote in black last year for myself and it doesn't look more than a week old - it holds up beautifully and transitions seamlessly between all my jobs and everywhere I go. 

13.  Celine - Baby Marta, $365. Totally an investment piece (and I will most likely take to the second hand market for these) but swoon! The "baby" Martas are great for petite women or those with smaller facial structures.