Gift Guide: Shop Outdoors (under $80!)


If you happen to have a travel, adventure, or outdoor enthusiast in the family and just aren't sure what to get them because, well, they probably already have everything they need and their wish list is probably (okay, most definitely) chock full of very expensive things, then look no further than this gift guide. Nothing here is over $80 and it's all practical, useful, and even better in duplicates. 

1.     REI - First Aid Kit, $36.50. Basically, one should have a first aid kit in every possible location: car, tent, backpack, etc. You can literally never have enough of these and it's recommended that you take them everywhere, even when you think you may just be gone for a short adventure.

2.     Sealine Clear Dry Bag, $22.95. Dry bags are not just for boaters and can be super useful to stash belongings to stay dry for just about any adventure. 

3.     National Park Pass, $80. A lot of U.S. state and national parks have free entry, but there are just as many that cost a small day fee. For the frequent traveler, picking up an annual pass is a necessary expense that actually saves them money and this is a gift they will use all year. *Note - be sure to buy the 2017 pass*

4.    Bison Designs- Paracord Survival Keychain, $29.99. Hopefully no one ever has to actually use one of these, but you can never go wrong with strong rope on hand. 

5.     Tarp, $6 - $60. From making rain shelters to impromptu tents and lean-tos, to keeping things clean, your friend who loves to camp will appreciate this.

6.     Leatherman, $30.89. A super functional and all around tool that will solve (nearly) any problem encountered in the wild.

7.     Sea to Summit - X Collapsible Cup, $9.95-  $22.02. A cup that folds down to fit in your pocket? A must have for a multi-day/week camper or hiker. 

8.     Rope, $8.97. Rope is another go-to that you can never have enough of and this practical gift will win over the heart of those who love adventure. 

9.     HydroFlask, $21.95. The Swell bottle of the outdoors. This puppy will keep drinks hot or cold, won't sweat, and will have them looking savvy. 

10.  Square Trade Goods Co.Enamel Camp Mug, $16 (on sale from $18 at the time of publication). Made right here in Richmond (and with options abounding on the web), a camp cup is perfect for someone who loves to car camp and enjoy their beverages in a chic little cup (bonus: it makes for super Instagram-able moments).

11.  Ex Officio - Give-and-go Sport Mesh Thong, $11.39 - $22.20. I call these "Adventure Undies" as they are designed to be worn, washed and dried, and ready to go within just a few hours. They are super comfy and resistant to oder and I own five. 

12.  Ex Officio - Give-and-go Boxers, $13.99 - $21.99. Ditto but for guys and my husband owns two.

13.  SmartWool - Socks, $15.55. A wool sock is everyone's best friend on the trail and one can never have too many! SmartWool makes a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, so pick up a pair for everyone on your list.

14.  Eagle Creek - Packing cubes, $39.95. Great for those who love organization, but also just super useful when packing!

15.  A Cotton Rat for Breakfast - book, $18.75. Written by a woman from Richmond, this story chronicles her career change at age 40 in order to pursue her love of the outdoors. This is sure to inspire adventures of all ages!

16.  Nectar - Polarized Sunglasses, $34.99. A Richmond-based company, their polarized glasses make for a great choice for the outdoors. Not only are they stylish, but their prices are super affordable (meaning, if you loose/break/crack them on your adventures, they won't break the bank to replace).