5 Body Types + How to Dress Yours

5 Body Types + How to Dress Yours

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Okay, so we just talked a bit about this last week, but it's IMPORTANT that you know your body type + shape! Think of this as your style education. How can you make educated decisions on what to buy when shopping if you don't know your body type and what shapes will flatter it?

The 5 Body Types:

  1. Bigger on top
  2. Bigger on the bottom
  3. Bigger in the middle
  4. Proportionate (about the same size on top as bottom)
  5. No curves (basically, same size on top, middle and bottom)

Now that we know that - we're gonna go one level deeper. What is your body shape? Think about it - everyone has body measurements based on hips, waist, and bust, but then we have body variations after that! Some of us are petite, curvy, have long legs or a short torso. What are these outliers that we also need to consider when dressing for our body?

Visual Illusions
Fashion magic is real ya'll and it's pretty easy! The main goal in dressing for your body type, regardless of type or shape, is to create a visual illusion - you want to visually balance out your body shape and create an hourglass.

hourglass shape

Think about it this way. If you are bigger on the bottom - then the top half of your hourglass is empty - it's not the same shape making you look bigger on the bottom. So, to balance it out - add a fun print or bright color, a scarf, statement necklace or jacket to your top! This will create visual balance for you. You may also want to avoid a lot of bright colors or prints on the bottom as that will only draw the eye directly to the largest part of your body.

1/3 + 2/3 Rule
Another trick to remember is the 1/3 and 2/3 rule. You typically want your upper half to be at 1/3 because that is going to help you define a waist and make you look taller + slimmer. So, if you are wearing a skirt, tuck or half tuck your top in! This will instantly give you a waist. 

Now, you also know I'm gonna say that if you love something, feel amazing, and want to rock it - rules be screwed - go for it! 

For all my visual or audio learners, there's a video below!

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Sydney is a personal wardrobe stylist with over nine years of experience in the fashion industry. She specializes in helping women create sustainable and timeliness wardrobes that work for them, not against them. She is also the creator of BEYOND where she provides coaching services for aspiring personal stylists helping them take their styling hobby to a full-time business.

Sydney is a graduate of the Los Angeles-based School of Style, holds dual masters degrees and currently lives in Richmond with her husband and three cats. She loves black coffee, vintage, and the great outdoors.

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