Why New Clothes AREN'T the Answer to Your Style Problems

Why New Clothes AREN'T the Answer to Your Style Problems

The RIGHT ones are!

But how do you find the right ones? You gotta go through your very own style education! I talk about this a lot with my clients - I tell them we're gonna get into the style education because so many times people skip this step - they just go straight to the store, buy something off the mannequin (shudder!), take it home, and then bemoan the fact that they still have nothing to wear.

Why is this?

It's because they've never addressed the STYLE EDUCATION piece. The why of what they should be buying. I've got 5 steps in the video below, but I'll lay them out here as well!

5 Things to Educate Yourself on Before Going Shopping

  1. Know your body type - seriously though - take your measurements (bust, waist, hips and inseam) and figure out what your body type is and what pieces work well for that body type. This will help you cut out SO much and hone in on very specific pieces and styles when you are out shopping.
  2. Know your style - get to know what patterns, textures, and looks you like + love. You can do this by making a Pinterest board, going through magazines, or even looking in your own closet for the pieces you love. Knowing your style can help you figure out where you should even be shopping. If you are into minimal styles, then you need to step away from Anthropologie no matter what your color and pattern loving best friend says.
  3. Clean out your closet - yep, you gotta do this step! This is the first real way for you to get rid of pieces that don't work for you and really hone in on what's missing and what you like.
  4. Create a shopping list + budget + go! - from your closet clean out, make a list of what you'd like to have but is missing. Give those pieces a dollar amount that you want to spend and then get to shopping (from that list, we aren't into impulse shopping here).
  5. Know your lifestyle - this should really probably come after #2, BUT knowing your lifestyle is KEY. If you are a mama or work outdoors - then steer clear of those dry clean only silk blouses or short dresses - they are not going to be your wardrobe workhorses. Travel a lot for work? Then you may need a smaller capsule wardrobe that doesn't wrinkle so that you can toss things into a carry on and go be boss. You get the idea - knowing how you live your life is critical to buying the right clothes!

Watch the live video below!

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Sydney is a personal wardrobe stylist with over nine years of experience in the fashion industry. She specializes in helping women create sustainable and timeliness wardrobes that work for them, not against them. She is also the creator of BEYOND where she provides coaching services for aspiring personal stylists helping them take their styling hobby to a full-time business.

Sydney is a graduate of the Los Angeles-based School of Style, holds dual masters degrees and currently lives in Richmond with her husband and three cats. She loves black coffee, vintage, and the great outdoors.

For styling or coaching inquiries: please contact: sydney@chicstripes.com