How to Flip Thrift Store Clothes: Part 1


TV Friends

A few weeks ago I was reunited with my friend Jen to shoot a TV segment for her show: More Bang For Your Buck which appears on NBC12 in Richmond, Virginia. I've shot with her several other times as we both are thrift store addicts and can't get enough of a good deal. She will often send me links to online auctions with lots that I might like. So yea, we're speaking the same language when it comes to all things thrift, consignment, auction, yard sale - and not just for clothes, but for our homes too.


Thrifting has gotten a past bad rap for being dirty, smelly, and not so cool. That old fashion rule (kinda like no white before Memorial Day) is pretty much out of here though. Everyone loves to get their vintage on and some of the most stylish people I know consider thrifting to be one of their favorite activities. 

I was somewhat reluctant to do this shoot because I'm sharing my thrift store secret with ya'll. Before now, The Thrifty Quaker was pretty much unknown and it is hands down my favorite thrift store in Richmond. Their prices are great, they do frequent markdowns, and you can find a great mix of contemporary items and truly one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. It's a small store, so you aren't overwhelmed by racks, but they jam a ton of stuff in there. It's a true treasure hunt (my favorite rack? The 50 cent rack!). I have bought more than one item for Genesis from here has ended up in my own closet....

So, without further ado, go watch! I'll be sharing the fun behind the scenes photos in Part 2. You can read Jen's article here, but I've got the video below for you!

Sydney Lester is a Richmond, Virginia-based personal stylist who creates wardrobes that reflect your life + style.