The Fashion Hunt

When your client sends you searching for THESE elusive CÉLINE glasses based on an ad she saw from Nordstrom....

You find out they are actually sunglasses and you start the biggest google search EVER. Here we go...! You start first with the actual Celine website, which doesn't really seem to function right btw and no details of any glasses will come up, and then of course, they are only selling the current season's glasses, which makes sense. First random Google result pulls up a Swedish (?) fashion blogger who has the pair! In a different color, but the pair. Of course no name or product number so you shoot off an email to her asking. Next: you move to big name stores Saks, Sunglass Hut, etc. They have similar glasses, but none are quite right, the Audrey's and Catherine's, as the newer styles have three dots on the front frame and the ones I am looking for have only two dots plus a small arrow rectangle. The hunt goes on. Next up are kinda sketchy sunglass sites where you start to find a gazillion matches for the frame shape and narrow down the frame style to Lucy. Only problem, they have them in every color BUT the one you need (like seriously, black, grey, green, tortoise, blue!). And they still look just a bit off. Next is Pinterest which leads you to Polyvore which leads you to the glasses sold out across all major retailers BUT you find a different product number which seems to be a perfect match. Next you land on PoshMark where you find the glasses! And the girl only wants $145 for them. WHAT. Oh wait, they are sold out. Ugh!!! You message the girl to see if she will say who bought them so you can approach the buyer. But, now armed with the correct product number, you find start scrolling eBay and again through PoshMark until you find, not one, but TWO pairs of THE glasses. You email your client IMMEDIATELY with the links (meanwhile holding in screeches of glee at how awesome you are) and cross your finger she buys them before someone else does.


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Sydney Lester is a Richmond, Virginia-based personal stylist who creates wardrobes that reflect your life + style.